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"16 bit recording" when tracking?


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Just noticed something that seems strange to me.

Laying down a bass track last night and noticed on the bottom right of the screeen (that displays lost buffers etc), it shows that the track is recording in 16 bit.

Can that be correct? The project was set up in 24, the soundcard (Audiofire 12) is set to 24. Am I missing something?

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rightclick on the record button and set bitdepth to 24 bit for recording (there are a few things to set, just look around a little ...)

projects can not be "set up" for 24 bit in the "new vip" menu. only the desired samplerate needs to be set there.

that your soundcard is set to the highest bitdepth (which is correct by the way, if the driver has that option) doesn't mean that the daw has to write all bits into the file.

it can just ignore the lowest bits and write a 16 bit file. also you can mix files with different bitdepths like you want in your projects, they can easily play side by side. the processing inside the audioengine of samplitude is always 32 bit float and not dependent on the file-bitdepth.

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