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3rd party sequencer.

James Yl

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I am checking to add a sequencer to my plug in. I tried thesys but I would like also a good arp/chord sequencer. I have demoed Squarhead nora, kirnu cream, xfer chtulu, sugar bytes consequence but the midi out plugin function of samp is not really working great all the time. I have some problem that sometime I have to start my midi note a little bit late in my midi object to get it work or other time to do the opposite.

Do some people use a rewier daw like ableton, reason and their RE to use the midi instruments of those daw to have a better communication between the sequencer and samplitude.

Thank you for your feedback.


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Studio One has a great sequencer, better than Cubase. But you have to find it! It is at the level of the object (because S1 is also turned towards the object, yes, although less strong than S / S).

I also can't find an interesting arpeggiator for s / s.



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