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Sampiltude ProX2 Dual Xeon

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Samplitude supports 16 cores as of 2014 so yes in terms of a 2 x 6 core Xeon. Although if you include hyperthreading that would be 24 cores so that may run into the 16 core limit. I can check as to whether it includes hyperthreading.



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ProX2 doesn't make full use of all cores:

On my i7-5820K 6 core the best results i get with only 3 cores.

If i enter 4 or 5 cores the CPU Meter varies between 20 til 60%, if i turn back to 3 cores its stabil at 20%.

Hyperthreading on.

This is bad!

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What Whitealbum writes is meaningless unless he posts his project. It's well possible that a certain project needs more CPU with more threads.

16 cores means that only projects that can divide their workload by 16 will fully profit, i.e. 16/32/48 tracks with all the same plugins at the same time, and no buses, to give a simple example.

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It doesn't matter if the project has 50 Audio tracks (with up to 5 insert plugs), 10 VSTi tracks, a lot of send tracks or if the project is a "light" one.

I talked about an hour with the samplitude support, no idea why.

The Project stated above is a big one with 50 Audio tracks, lots of plugs in the tracks and 10 VStis.

So we have a lot of parallel things (need more cores) and a lot of serial "things" (plugs in the tracks).

In my and the samplitude supports opinion, it has to use more than three cores.

And there ia another problem, as i wrote, if i enter more than 3 cores in the "Multi CPU support" the cpu meter varies considerably, from 10 to 70% or 10 to 150% with crackles.

And i'm talking about a project which is not CPU hungry.

Comparable projects in my main daw cubase use the cores like they should incl. virtual cores.

Maybe there is a problem with ProX2 and Haswell's 6 cores i7-5820K and others...

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