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Issue with Sam ProX2 V13.2.0.205 and tech support


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Hi, briefly some background. I'm a blind/visually impaired user of Sam ProX2, who uses a screenreader and I've spent the last 10 months developing scripts to make it fully accessible for this community. This has brought up many challenges, but virtually all of them have been overcome. The scripts are now 99% done, apart from some minor issues, but the big problem is, one particular/major issue.

I worked in V13.1.3.176, the prior version available, because when the latest update came out, which is V13.2.0.205, something got broke with particular text and how my screenreader reads it. For example in the VIP, a track named abcde, would be announced as áíìóõ by my screenreader. These are Unicode characters. So, what happened between V176 and V205? I've been trying to find out from tech support without any luck. I've sent them screencast demonstrations, but I just never get a reply. I'm not expecting them to go ahead and fix things straight away, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement. Does anyone else have any idea what I can do?, as I've spent nearly a year coding up these scripts and if this current problem stays, it's been a waste of time, as I really want scripts to work with the latest version.

For anyone interested, below are 2 links to my DB...the first one a demo of things in V176 and the second a demo of what's happening in V205, the latest version.

Any help, advice on how to move this forward or if there's any other contact/tech support available, I'd appreciate the information. THX Steve.

Link 1 V176 (things OK):


Link 2 (things broken):


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Just adding to this, does anyone know if Magix have started using QT in the latest update? If so, I have found out that there is a known issue with character translation to a screenreader, so just wondering if there's a connection? I think kraznet mentioned it to me a while ago. THX Steve.

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Maybe you should remind Magix that they posted the following statement at the bottom of the webpage mentioned at the bottom of this post:

It is important to us that our products are barrier free. Visually impaired individuals without any hearing loss, should be able to use our audio products.
We have integrated new features to the latest version of Samplitude Pro X2 and Sequoia 13 to assist blind and visually impaired users in using the software to its fullest potential.
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Hi Lindsey. yeah I know...and the scripts I've done make Sam ProX2 fully accessible, but they just do not reply back to me. I'm in the UK, but I guess I'll have to ring tech support in Germany next week, otherwise it will just be left hanging. THX anyway for the reply, Steve.

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