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I request that Magix management designate a Magix employee to be the moderator for this community.

The moderator will be an official representative of Magix and actively participate in this community's discussions.

They will serve as the interface between customers and Magix.

The moderator will monitor and respond to discussions on a daily basis as part of their "regular" job at Magix.

The moderator will be responsible, authorized, and accountable to provide official guidance and help, including timely responses and status of solutions to software and hardware issues.

Thank you,


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I think he got put on the Soundforge/Acid Pro forum. I think I noticed him there. I'm not sure he ever posted anything other than that initial introduction. They ended up contacting me beginning of last year asking if I wanted to moderate which I said I would. I guess I was cheaper (free). I do my best to keep the Magix informed about things but it's more difficult now as most of my original contacts at MAGIX have moved on. 

Regards, Kraznet

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Kraz, you are truly a blessing for us here. In more than one topic you come to just about everyone's aid. I filled a somewhat similar role in my company before I retired for all sorts of "engineering automation" applications, some procured from outside sources, others developed internally by one or another of the internal divisions of the company. So I have an idea of what it takes, and I think most of here certainly appreciate how much you do for us, practically every day.

Thanks again!

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Speaking of "Magix representatives", it would be quite interesting if someone from the Magic company could drop by this place and perhaps tell us a bit about their future visions. A few questions I would probably be curious about:

  • Will Samplitude and Sequoia still be something that targets the pro segment (mastering studios etc.)? Or will Samplitude's focus be shifted towards more typical consumers, laptop musicians etc?
  • Which parts of Samplitude do Magix see as essential?
  • How will Samplitude be marketed in the future? (You almost never hear people talk about it online. What can be done?)
  • How does Magix keep in touch with its userbase? Are bug reports and feature requests on this forum taken into consideration?
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I really like Samplitude and can not imagine using other software so spontaneously and pleasantly.

However, I have long been resigned: if it depends on the manufacturer, it is each one by itself.

Kraznet is a competent professional volunteer, but also has his personal affairs and obviously can not stay at all times available to this forum. His willingness to help is impressive and I sometimes believe that the company acts inhumanly by leaving him alone here.

Master Kraznet is all we have, we must not deceive ourselves. Apparently, Magix settled down. Or must have forgotten about this place.

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Maybe I'm just lucky (or not so much so depending on your perspective), but this doesn't seem to be that unusual with specialty products like this. The forums for both the notation software and sheet music scanning and recognition (to get playable midi files) software I've been using for years before I ever started recording with Samplitude 9SE years ago seem to be going through the same thing. Very little, if any support from the companies themselves, and in one case, a seemingly completely abandoned support and development attitude. In all three cases, knowledgable concerned users provide the lion's share of the day to day support activity. I'm still a rank beginner with Samplitude, but I've made tremendous strides using it for the meager purposes that prompted me to jump in. So I don't have much to offer here.But I was, and am to a much more limited extent, quite active in the other two arenas. This forum is very much in that spirit, and I am most appreciative of the dedicated people, like Kraz, and the generally open, welcoming nature of the whole group. We all have a lot to be thankful for!

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