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Issue with INZ flags in V157

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Hi. I'm posting here, as Tom W is very very busy with work at the moment, and a solution is really needed to sort out this issue.

In Samplitude, we have a number of accessibility flags we can set in the INZ file, in order to increase the access, natively and with the samplitudeAccess scripts.  In the Sam_X64.ini file, 
if we set OptomizeForVisuallyImpaired to -1, then that means all flags are on and working.
If we add up all hex numbers and convert to decimal, then it comes to 7143, so if we use this number, then all flags should be on.

The issue is, we are unable to move up and down any manager list if set to 7143, but we can when set to -1.

The reason I need to use the number instead of -1, is so I can turn off the flags for always opening in the parameter view and so that I can use the spacebar for playback, instead of shift+spacebar.

Setting the OptomizeForVisuallyImpaired to 7129 achieves this, but as stated above, it is not possible to move up or down a managers list without setting the value to -1.

So, could someone at Magix please help in sorting this out, as there is definitely something weird going on.  I am waiting to release the next set of SamplitudeAccess scripts, but can't until this is looked at. THX Steve.

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Hi Patrick, yes Tom is aware of this, but I gather he must be very busy with other work, as he hasn't had time to look at it yet. So, thought someone else at Magix could perhaps look at it, but doesn't seem as if anyone has picked up on the post. Steve.

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