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Tonal Balance Control idea


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One of the unique features in SF is the spectrogram and I wish in next version, something new could be added to this feature.

So in the new Izotope Ozone 8, there is this new "Tone Balance Control" which allows to compare tone ranges with some reference tracks, and I think it would be really amazing if SF 12 Pro could bring somekind of visual feature to compare a track with a reference track. This way in mastering, it would be easy to figure out what kind of EQing should be applied to make a track match a reference.

For the reference, ideally, one would select a section of a reference track to learn the frequency response (this way I can pick the loudest and heaviest section for instance) and compare it to my track. The visual would have colors and intensity to show where there is a major difference and hopefully you can see if the main difference is in lows, med-low, meds, or highs, and help to automate the EQ. This new visual would be a sort of a new spectrogram for comparing tracks.


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