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Initial findings


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Greetings fellow beta users. I recently got SF Pro 12 up and running and finally found the Beta Pro 12 page (thanks Tom)

The first reason for the the delay was, after installing and registering (which worked without a hitch), Beta 12 would initially open and start to load, but would hang when loading the Ozone Imager, after a second or two, an iZotope crash report window  would appear along with the "Sound Forge has stopped working" error message. So it was necessary to uninstall the Ozone Plug-ins. After that, it opened normally, but the toolbar icons are so small (almost microscopic) on my hi-res monitor they, are and pretty much unusable. (BTW, the same behavior happened won SF Pro 11 prior). This necessitated a compatibility adjustment. Which I have already discussed with Tom off-line... I can elaborate on the compatibility settings here if need be.

Other than that, most of items in the "Effects" menu do not open.The only ones that do are; Acoustic Mirror, Pitch (bend), and Wave Hammer.

My 'third party' DX plug-in are not available either, but some are not in other x64 programs as well.

later, Rick Reineke (rraud)


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thanks Rick!

the high dpi problem shuld be fixed with preview 4.


that your plugins are not running is because you not run the regAplugins.bat as admin in command prompt of total commander or cmd shell. all plugins have to be registred, what normaly the installer makes. but we still have no installer available yet. i think next preview5 will have an installer.


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