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SF 12 pro beta 4: bugs


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About vst:
I have decided to use only vst 3 64 bits FX with SF 12 pro 64.
#1 While scanning my vst3 directory, it looks like SF crashes while scanning around 90 plugins.
#2 SF crashes while scanning Softube 2.4.36 plugins
#3 SF crashes while scanning Waves vst3 9.7 shell (containing Studio rack)

While SF 12 pro beta 4 is much better than previous versions, please do something for sorting plugins as Samplitude pro X do!

More to come, below!



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About audio driver:

With SF set to use default audio driver, I got the attached error message while trying to listen an audio file (auto play feature).
My default audio card is a Phiree U2S, based on a VIA VT1729A chipset. It uses default windows driver. This issue disappear while using RME ASIO drivers.
This issue may be problematic for nomad sound engineers, using laptops!

That's it!

SF failure.png

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Bug? Build 21 (64 bit)  Play Clipboard:  "An error occurred during the edit operation. System is low on memory...."                                                       My PC: Win 10, Dell XPS with 1 TB SSHD and 32GB RAM.

Also, some DX plug-ins do not show up, however I don't think it's a bug, just the way it is 32/64 incompatibility. It's the same on VP 64 bit. Specifically, the Ultrafunk R3 FX and the iZotope Mastering Suite that was included with the SCS SF Pro 10 and/or 11.
Question for Thomas: Can the x86 version of SF Pro 12 be installed on the same PC without causing problems?...  
I previously had both versions of VP 9 installed pretty much w/o issues,  the only issue I cane across was, accessing "View> Project media" caused VP to crash..


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