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Evael Niden

BitMachine UI not showing up

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Hi, guys

I was playing around with my new Samplitude Pro X3 today and tried to load BitMachine as an effect, but it was not showing properly. Please, see the attached picture. The Help article clearly shows the expected GUI of the BitMachine plugin. This and the Onscreen MIDI keyboard issue make my recent experience with Samplitude a real confusion. I am not a software developer so I can tell what might be causing those issues. For now I am just testing my new (old) DAW. I really think there is something weird going on with Samplitude... yes, it is an old software, but maybe the issues are due to Compatubilty issues. I will try and run Samplitude in Windows 7 or WIndows XP compatibility mode to see if that will make any better difference!



Update: Problem with BitMachine is still persistent even when Samplitude is being run in Windows 8 and Windows 7 compatibility modes. :/

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It's been fixed in the latest beta and  will be in the next update ( I have no info when the update will be released)

Regards, Kraznet

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