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Hello dear community.

This is my first post here :blush:. I hope everyone is doing fine.

My apologies for this not-essential-to-survival question but : in the " About " of Samplitude, it writes, near the version number " DST ".

Exactly as this (DST)

It intrigues me. What does it mean ?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Digital Energy,

Welcome to the forum. In my version of Samplitude Pro X4 it says DP3 and in Sequoia 15 it says DC2. I don't really know what these mean it's probably some internal scheme that the Magix developers use. I wouldn't worry about it.

Regards, Kraznet



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Dear Kraznet,

So I come here finaly - after some years of hesitation ( note that I had nothing to complain anyway ) - , dare to post a little question and my hero answers me ! :)

Thank you for taking a moment for this, " Kraznet ", and for all your videos and tutorials, sincerely. They saved my brain a number of times !

I won't worry but codes, codes, codes... :rolleyes:



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error : tor this => for this
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