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Hy Dear Forum,

i have a little question, does anyone have a Behringer Monitor2USB monitor controller ? I am interested in removing my 19" Interface from my desk and put a little bit smaller way to control the loudness of my speakers on my desk (and even tho, the monitor controller does have 2 headphone amplifiers and a much much bigger knob).

I would like to know if you are satisfied with this device and additional if you have this thing if it will run under linux ? I really would like to seperate my DAW production system on windows from my working system on Linux, as I am having a home studio. Most applications I need for work and daily use are available on Linux but Samplitude not and also the driver of my external soundcard does not work on Linux. But I would like to use my monitor speakers on Linux too.

kind regards,


Behringer Monitor2USB doesn't seem to be on the alsa compatible list, but I often heard behringer devices should be class compliant. I also could use my onboard soundcard, but i did not find a small monitor controller with cinch and XLR/jack input which does have headphone amplifiers as well.

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If anyone is interested. I have bought a Mackie Big Knob Studio. It works out of the box in Linux and it is a really fine device :) . Now I do search via the Internet for informations about how to prepare windows for DAW use and then I make a fresh install for samplitude exclusive. 

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