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Selling Plugins SONALKSIS Essentials Bundle and Multi-band Dynamics Bundle, all 64bit


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I need to sell some of my plugins that I rarely use...

Up for grabs is the Sonalksis Essentials Bundle and the Multi-band Dynamics Bundle.


The Essentials Bundle contains:

-SV-315Mk2 Compressor

-SV-517Mk2 Equaliser

-SV-719 Analogue Gate

The Multi-band Dynamics Bundle contains:

-CQ1 Multiband Compander

-DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser


The public price according to the Sonalksis Homepage is 190 + 140 = 330 Euros (http://www.sonalksis.com/plug-ins.html)

Since there seems to be a high license transfer fee of 75 Euros or so, I can't sell the plugins super cheap, but I guess 200 Euros would be fair? (I'll pay the transfer)



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