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Stop at end of project


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You can do this with "Ranges", select a range from start to end of your project, the play cursor will stop at the end of the range. You can define multiple ranges.

Then there is also the option to define the length of your project in project properties, first tab "General"

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Using the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT- ] (Right Bracket) pops up the correct settings window so you can adjust the length of the project.

I usually tap the "END" key first (shortcut for menu item "Play/Rec - Move Play Cursor - To End"), then enter the value shown at the bottom of the VIP track window under "Pos" (Position).

Voila! It stops playing at that point! :-)


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there's an option under Y (system) to lock the VIP against Zoom Out, could be useful too.

And if you have too much blank space after the last object, you could place the cursor at the end of you project, let a small space after you last object (important for FX tails), then CTRL+End and CTRL+Del. Your VIP will be more near to the real lenght of you project, then in play mode, cursor will stop at the end, if loop is not ticked.

In record mode, new space is automatically created if the VIP is not long enough.

cheers !



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