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Insert odd meter signatures


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i tried a lot. main problem is the lost alignment, when I insert a tempo or signature marker with the intention to have some 3 bars in another meter in between already arranged material. markers and clips on the right side are not moved equally.

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Thx Georg,


Okay, I tried that, but not sure with signature changes (5/8, 7/8) in between.

I made some screenshots:

The concrete question is how to insert a certain number of odd ! time signature bars without destroying the 4/4 arrangement on the left or right side

Lets say, we add  4 bars of 7/8 inside a 4/4 project and change the tempo to 80.


4 bars of 7/8 should be inserted here:



After the 7/8 insertion the timeline looks like this with the grid set to full bars:


You see that bar marker and clip are out of sync, which is of course not intended from a musical perspective and was not the starting point before the insertion.

How to work around that in Samp/Seq? regarding several clips on several tracks, the manual nudging of clips is not an option ;-)

It seems that Seq counts beats rather than full bars, but not sure about that. It´s an idea in film composing to use full bar insertions.


a bit more detailed:

testing 5/8 meter insertion in a 4/4 surrounding (bar 1803). The next marker (bar 1805) also - unintendedly - becomes a 5/8 bar marker (which was 4/4),  plus indifferent nudge of audio clip and right most bar marker (bar 1806). My aim is to let the markers being moved automatically keeping their position on beat one while keeping audio clip and markers aligned. It seems that the markers stay on their location, but the clips and the grid move independendly.

Manual nudging of clips in a larger project is not a good method. How to set Seq to keep track of markers, audio clips and grid to stay aligned?





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