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Installing Independence


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I've got the ProX 4 Suite, which comes standard with Independence Pro Premium Suite, right?

Well I've upgraded from Pro X 3 to Pro X4 a long time ago and only got a download link and no hard copy and therefore no 70 Gb of library.

I still have the Pro X 3 library as hard copy. Is there anything changed in the library since Pro X3?

Can I just copy the library DVD's to my hard disc?

And what do I need to get Independence running in Pro X 4 Suite.


cheers, Peter

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Hi Terry, I needed to install the sample library. This video from Kraznet presumes I already did that, which , in my case, I did not. I downloaded the latest Independences installer from the website and installed the library. I used the provided hard discs I got with the boxed version of Pro X3. And they are upgraded accodingly to the latest samples.

So everything runs now! Anyway, thanks for the heads up. 

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