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Gabor Pelva

Record music for video

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I would like to record music for video. I have an Mp4, 2, 60 GB. Tried to import video, but it writes: file doesnt exist and nothing's happened.

I tried import some smaller sized video and it works. What's the problem?

I use Prox3 or older Samp 11. Same problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Solved. This vid file was too big for my comp resources, i think.  Fortunately, I don't need recording for whole video, just for smaller parts.

I trimmed material to fragments needed in video editor and now I have few of small vids and I can work with those without any problems.

Anyway, it may occur, that I have to record sound for a longer video.  Do you know some tip or trick, how can I import bigger video file to Samp, to work with. This topic is poorly adressed in forums and manual. Maybe Samp isn't a best program for working with video+music (sound).

Every suggestions will be much appreciated.

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You didn't give any indication of the resolution of the video. Is it 4K, full HD?

You also did not provide the specs of your computer.

Either way, in your video editor, export to a lower resolution, like SD, and use that. If you have Magix Movie Edit Pro or Video Pro X, export to the Magix format mxv and as Standard Definition; Samplitude likes that. Then you should have no problems.

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