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Import mov video


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Could you tell me if there are any limitations to upload / import a video in Sampitude / Sequoia?
I am trying to load a 33GB .mov video and I only get the video and audio boxes, nothing loads, neither images nor audio.

I've waited in case it took time to load and generate the waveform on the audio and it doesn't.
As the file is so large, I have to wait longer, but there is no indication of any activity.

Thank you

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Hi Dag,

inside a .mov container there can be a lot of differents video and audio formats. Do you know which codecs are used? Can you playback the video in another player software like VLC?

I don't think there is a size limit.



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I have the K-Lite codec pack installed.

The video and audio can be seen in Quick Time, Windows media player, VLC, Edius ... but not in Sequoia. The information I have been able to get from the video is: Apple ProRes 422 / Little Endian, Stereo, 24-bit, 48,000Kh


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