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Clipping when importing a CDtrack


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Hi, I have just imported a CD track on my Samplitude Producer Pro X4. To my astonishment, the recorded in Samplitude had a distortion. I doublechecked with the same track played from the CD itself. No distortion at all. 

The copied track on Samplitude give -1.7db Left and -3.6 db right,  the CD -4 and -5,9.

Where could this difference in level come from. Anyone experienced this before? 

Thanks for any help. 


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No, never experienced this before. 

Done this hundreds of times over many years. Import has always been true.

(You've checked the obvious on the channel? No plugins, No volume adjustments, No EQ. No bussing. No object editor adjustments. And Master channel is at 0)


Interestingly, Reaper does this to me all the time, in loading .mp3s. Almost always peaks 4+ dB higher. I have to set my channels on template to -4.5dB to accommodate. Never an issue for me in Samplitude. 

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