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Dear Forum,


after starting MIDI projects with third party VSTis (As you can see here it is just one MIDI instance of BFD3s actual version) I "here and there" have this behaviour:




Which methods allow avoiding crashes in SampProX5?

When not happening directly at startup a crash to times happens during the creative work in a project which combines Audio and MIDI editing. If you switch the Monitoring Modes in the Audio Settings (shortcut: Y) sometimes BFD3 PlugIn - the only instance here - crashes. I also observed some DAW crashing after switching the monitor track buttons. At times you hear a kind of audio hickup when pressing these switches during playback.

-> It seems to help a bit to stop the transport before switching the Monitor track buttons on the VSTi-Track.

I also need to change the Monitor settings occasionally for live effects during vocal recording. However, if 128 samples in buffer is selected I still get a pretty long audio latency with the Aux1(Pre) on the vocal channel feeding a reverb Plugin during the recording (Third party Or Stock reacts the same)...This is a method to get the internal Audio effects on the headphone  in my at least better known DAWs for a vocal recording situation. You mix the DAW reverb/dly effects on a low buffer setting while listening to the direct input of your audio interface...I checked it back in Cubase 10.5 on the same machine which runs properly to exclude inproper system settings and/or  driver issues  and such.

Besides,  the DAW seems to also run more stable with converted audio on the BFD3 MIDI track using freeze objects on an additional revolver track. Of course, this could be a generic workaround to minimize real time VSTi "dangers" of the processing. However, in my view the cpu load should be not a problem in the here shown early stage of starting a bigger arrangement populating the project with more VSTis.

My overall feel is that I have to find some stabilising workarounds at least in the VSTi/MIDI realm working in SamplitudeProX5. Again, my quest for a magix composers corner and some experienced advice there regarding MIDI composition in a magix DAW (Sequoia and/or Samplitude).

I ´d love to see MIDI/VSTi composing workflows being presented at next VDT convention in Germany.





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