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Can't Activate (64bit) Pro Premium Suite


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On sale today, I purchased the Independence Pro Premium Suite which allows me to use it in Standalone mode, in the Independence Live host, and in my other DAW's.  Independence installed fine and recognizing my earlier installations and libraries and show in my PC's Start Menu and open just fine.  But it will NOT activate utilizing the Serial Number assigned when I registered in my Magix account.

I have Samplitude Pro X3, 4, & 5 Suites currently on my PC and all run fine.  ALL instances of Independence show the current Version  All content is available opening in Samplitude as expected but not in the Standalone or VSTi versions in my other DAWs (because I cannot activate it yet) - these remain in Demo mode.

I have emailed ProSupport but thought I would ask here as well:

Have any of you succeeded activating Independence Pro Premium Suite post Samp ProX Suite installs?

Good Lord, could this really be any more CONVOLUTED????  MAGIX, REALLY!?!?!?  So, the download in my MAGIX Account isn't the the Suite version, it's just the Pro version even though I registered the Serial Number for the Pro Premium Suite THEY assigned!.  I RE-read some other threads remembering seeing the size differences in the installers - the one newly registered in my account was 117MB.  So, I RE-downloaded the installer (433MB) from ProducerPlanet.com, MAGIX's brilliant sound/instrument site.

So, now there's a MAGIX E-License Manager that generates a new code each time you try to activate it and directs you to BestService.de/registration to generate a Response Code.  I have an account there already with the same email as my Magix account so maybe there's hope - NOT. I log in and select Registration, enter the Serial Number / Registration Code, and it tells me neither is valid.  GOOD GRIEF!!!



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I have tried both version 3.5 & 3.6 and neither will allow me to Activate.

All instruments are available/usable within Samplitude Pro X5 Suite.  They load, edit, save, and play great.  But neither the standalone nor the Live versions allow activation.  I can get to BestService but the Code generated within the Standalone version isn't Valid when trying to register.

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Well, while I was successful on my Surface Pro4, I was still not able to activate Independence Pro Premium Suite (standalone) on my Desktop.

HOWEVER, last night I decided to strip my computer of all things Samplitude and Independence.  I then started the install process of Independence.

 I got the "cannot find C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MAGIX Services\Independence Libraries\RegIndBundle.exe" which aborted the install.  I had saved those files just in case so I replaced them.  Install continued without problem.

Activating Independence showed that it was already registered and it activated fine.  HOWEVER, trying to load an instrument gave me the infamous;



On a whim, I decided to try a different Independence.exe.  These are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Independence and look like:


Of course, my system is strictly a 64 bit install and I run nearly everything at 64 bit and that is the application that loads when I choose Independence.  So, I decided to select the non-64 application file which I assume to be the 32 bit version.  Both Independence and Independence Live 32 applications open, allowed activation, and work perfectly!  I can access all of the sounds available in the Pro Premium Suite in standalone - GREAT!  I pinned both 32 bit apps to the Start menu to have direct access.

Now, the NEW problem is that none of my other DAWs pickup on the 32 bit Independence VSTs for some reason though they are there and in the scan path.  Only the 64 bit versions are available and they still do not load the Independence instruments.

I re-installed Sam Pro X5 and the 64 bit version works just fine in Samplitude. 

BTW, this is the (Dec. 04, 2017) version.  With it working somewhat,  I'm nervous about now trying to install the newer 3.6 version but I will and report back.

Not perfect nor what I paid for but thought this might help someone.

UPDATE:  I tried install the 3.6 version which uninstalled the 3.5 version and replaced it BUT once again, neither the 64 bit nor the 32 bit versions would load instruments.

I used Windows "Add and Remove" app to uninstall the 3.6 version and re-installed the 3.5 version and now (thankfully) I'm back to only 32 bit standalone versions working properly.  What a joke!

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I've been with Independence since they were Yellow Tools, and I just completed a new build, and ran into the same exact problem. When Magix acquired Yellow Tools, I accepted the upgrade and maxed out with the then promotion, and at that time it was just "Independence Basic and Independence Pro Plus Library "70 Gigs". Now they have a total of 3. 

1. Basic   2. Pro Plus.  3. Pro Plus Premium

The 'NOW" Pro Plus Premium 70 Gigs was the Equivalent to the Pro Plus "BACK THEN"

I still have my P2 serial number for my stand alone (70 Gigs) but it doesn't work !!!!!

2021. SMH

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