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filling gaps

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Hi  fellow Samplitude users - i've a recording project coming up and was hoping to record on Samplitude then take the tracks to a studio for mixing and mastering

,some tracks have lots of  samples with gaps in between them - so i'm wondering how they would preserve thier position on the time line if they were picked from a folder and  put in another studio '

Do i need to fill the gaps somehow and export  the track as a wave file ? most instrument tracks start at the begining of a project so no problem with them its just the tracks with short bits of audio with gaps between them - hope this makes sense - cheers Mark D

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you don't need to fill gaps, if you export tracks, audio will be exported as it is in the timeline, gaps filled with "blank audio", position of object on the timeline won't be affected and fully preserved.

If you use the Bounce dialog, and export track individually, they will have the same start point, and will be in time whenloaded in another soft.

cheers !


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