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My question would be, if one would able to get the MAC version of SOUNDFORGE PRO from this bundle if purchased?  I'm still going to get this bundle but it would be a nice option to be able to get SOUNDFORGE for MAC from this bundle..


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You better ask Humble. And it’s only compatible with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) macOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave)** **Currently NOT compatible with macOS Catalina 10.15.x, macOS Big Sur 11.x or newer versions of macOS.

Read more: https://www.magix.com/us/music-editing/sound-forge/sound-forge-pro-mac/specifications/

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You don't get Sound Forge Pro for Mac with this.

And you don't want it.  It has been out of development for years.  I doubt it will work properly on the latest macOS release, or on the M1 machines.

In any case, it's a completely separate purchase, and not included in this.

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