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Hotkeys for Marker Manager

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I cant seem to find where to add Hot Key commands for the new Marker Manager, specifically the Link Markers option - it would be super useful to be able to toggle this on and off.

Unless I am being blind, I cant find where in the " Keyboard, Menu & Mouse > Keyboard / Menu " menu in the Set Up window to add them (specifically for the Marker Manager, I obviously have a lot of other key commands for other Sequoia functions).




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12 hours ago, TonyS said:

In the keyboard shortcuts menu




Thanks for this Tony, sorry my question was poorly worder and wasn't quite clear - I cant see anywhere in this list of Hot Key options to add a hotkey to toggle Link Markers > Link Markers to Objects on and off.

I have to access this function al the time, and having to mouse through 2 menus to get to it is a bit slow.

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There is much confusion with this new marker Mode behaviour. 

I am talking now about Sequoia:

Please also check in the marker Manager, which track the marker is linked to. Enable the column ref track, if it is not visible yet. Then change the track if needed.

And the marker link mode works in all object modes and can be enabled independently.

Same for link curves to objects.


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