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Guten Abend meine Damen und Herrn - Final

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Can war be made danceable? Yes.
Therefore, here is MY musical view on the current war in Europe.
Important note: The second verse is mostly the "Elegy in War" by Erich Mühsam, who was executed in the Oranienburg concentration camp. By mistake, he is not mentioned in the opening and closing credits.
For design reasons - and because the focus is to be on text and song - only the first verse is illustrated.
Remain stable and keep hope


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Nice rock and roll.

Unfortunately, I don't speak German, but that doesn't stop me from commenting that the melody is very beautiful and the music exudes a sound clarity that really pleases my ears. The high frequencies were used very competently, to a very pleasant extent, in the right measure.

The music is clear, fully audible. I can differentiate all the instruments used without having to make an effort.

The machine gun and helicopter arrangements were very well fitted and balanced.

Music very pleasant to my ears. Impeccable quality product.

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Hi Johnny, thanks for your detailed analysis, description and opinion. I am very pleased. But I am of the opinion, everything what you describe, I do not master at all :lol:

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