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Samplitude to score film/video and/or sound design

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A user on the Vegas forum interested in purchasing Samplitude has the following queston:


Does anyone here use Samplitude to score film/video and/or sound design? Can they relate their experience to using Samplitude for such a task?

He doesn't have Samplitude so can't join the forum.

An example of what he does is: documentary with a lot of sound effects, interviews, voice-overs, music scores, and so on.

I went through some previous posts about this and the answers and comments were all over the place with the exception of this one asked by Kraznet. If you do not use or have not used Samplitude for this, please do not comment. He does not need to know that you were not able to import a video into Samplitude or which other programs can be used for this or which ones may be better. 

If anyone has examples for which they show screen shots of the Arranger, that would be helpful.


John CB

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During sign-up, you will not be asked for any Magix customer credentials or serial numbers (at least I wasn't asked when signing up). Instead, you can use any username/password combination of your choice, that hasn't been used before. The credentials I used for signing up to this forum differ from the ones I use for signing into my Magix customer account.

I don't know why signing up of your fellow failed. Maybe it's because of some kind of spam protection.

Edit: this might be the solution: https://www.magix.info/us/forum/you-are-not-permitted-to-register-a-user-account-with-this-site--1245290/

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