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  2. Hi, Any body help?, I've bought a boxed version of Samplitude pro x4 suite upgrade and it came with SoundForge 11 on the website is mentions it comes with SoundForge 12 is their a way to get the updated version since i already have 11which came from X3 suite. Thanks
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci3DCkOG4g8 https://soundcloud.com/user-571987599
  4. Hallo Leute! Eine Frage: mittlerweile soll ja das neue Sound Forge Pro 14 inklusive Suite heraußen sein. Jetzt hab ich mir erst vor einem halben Jahr die Pro 13 Suite geleistet. Daher meine Frage: zahlt sich jetzt schon wieder ein Upgrade auf die nächst höhere Version aus oder kann man getrost mal eine Version aussetzen? Liebe Grüße, Patrick
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  6. Klasse Aktion und Arbeit aller Beteiligten !
  7. Yes, only from the phones. and reverb of course....
  8. My understanding is that Robin Lobel has always owned SpectraLayers and had a distribution deal with Sony. I suspect that deal was acquired with the other Sony software and when it expired, Lobel moved to Steinberg because Samplitude already has a spectral editor and Cuebase/Nuendo is by far the most widely used DAW.
  9. Incredible! Sound comes from the phones only?
  10. Well, you did a great job, congratulations on the result, loved every second of it!
  11. Unfortunately they only used metronomes set to light blinking. Only the conductor had a midi file playing back. The Rest is lots of edits... Georg
  12. Again I added one new track to this album, number 6 is new this time, now my album is completed, this is the final version, at least 8 compositions must be on this album, thank you for your patience and sorry for my English
  13. Awesome! May I ask how they synced themselves? Did the conductor record himself conduction? Edit: Aaaah, there he is, found him
  14. Wow, great @georgob! Best, Thomas
  15. 64 Videoclips made by the musicians, I aligned them and mixed it. All done in Sequoia. Was quite a bit of work... https://youtu.be/nZHOJHP33Ps Georg
  16. Got my answer for anyone else interested. They could have at least said "best services might be able to help you .." as I know some of their library creators use the magix sampling tech for their stuff. It's a shame that they just neglect this great sampler... Suppose a year from now I've got a great library... Think I'd now be more inclined to release it for native instruments. Email from magix support manager: Thank you for your message.It is of course possible to save your patches as Instruments/presets and share those, but customers can not copy protect them in any way or add skins to make them "theirs". With kind regards, MAGIX Software GmbH Florian Simon Supportmanager Postfach 500109 01067 Dresden - Germany
  17. Hi, Try MXV and then open it at Movie edit pro ( if you have) From there you can export it further. And at least see and hear if the problem is codec dependent.
  18. Hello. I had installed version 9.0.3 (10-day free trial) and the loading time of the plugins in Samplitude was impractical. This behavior has been reported in several other DAWS as well. Therefore, I temporarily give up on the product. I will download the trial of this new version. Let's see what will happen...
  19. Hi all, today an update of Ozone was released, version 9.1. I installed immediately, but I haven't noticed any improvement over the previous version in terms of the speed at which Ozone opens in Samplitude. Apparently, only a lot of bug fixes have been made.
  20. Very interesting, but as Sebastians post is from 2007, it is strange to revive this thread....
  21. I don't work for MAGIX but this is what I know: In 2012 Divide Frame wrote Spectra Layers. It was published by Sony. We assume Sony also purchased some or all of the code in addition to distributing. Versions 1, 2, and 3 were published at Sony with French coder Robin Lobel doing most of the development for version 2 and 3. In 2016, Sony sold off various intellectual property assets related to audio software. MAGIX acquired Specra Layers and released version 4. Spectra Layers was sold standalone and bundled with Sequoia 14. Magix also released version 5. In 2019, Steinberg acquired distribution rights. (It is assumed that this means the code and all property, but it could also mean that the coders own the IP and moved the distribution deal to Steinberg. Articles discussing that are imprecise as some of the journalists are not legal experts). Steinberg changed the name to SpectraLayers (concatenating the two words into one), and released version 6. Since this is a private web forum, I will share my unvarnished thoughts: If you want to clean clicks or impulses, the built-in Spectral Cleaning by Magix is very very good. It has clear graphics, and can be opened, used, and applied in seconds. If you're a professional this really matters. SpectraLayers is one of the most powerful restoration tools on the planet. However, configuring the display, navigating, and working as fast as you can will never approach the speed of the Magix software. If you need a click or pop, using SpectraLayers is SLOW, and complete overkill. If you need to do something complex that borders on magic/science fiction powers, you want to use SpectraLayers. I've never disagreed with Sebastian, but this is not correct when considering SpectraLayers. The infinite adjustability of the formulae and colors to display spectral audio in SpectraLayers can be frustrating when compared to the options in SequoiaTude. He is very right about Algorithmix and MAGIX --Those of us old enough do remember that ReNOVATOR was bundled (with a test period) inside of Magix Products. But that seems to be the extent of the sharing of underlying code. Two versions ago Samplitude's cleaner did not have all of the features of the Sequoia version: effect % and types of crossfades/damping. Users could pay to upgrade the restoration titles to match Sequoia's. You would have to check, but I've heard the full suite is now part of the top level of Samplitude. But I'm not 100% on that. Hope this helps.
  22. Wondering if there's anyway for us to have copy protection or something for custom instrument/samples/paches? For instance I'm thinking of sampling/ programming something along the lines for a guitar instrument like ample sound guitar and bass vsti (wish there was a way to re-skin independence by the way) any info would help, think this kind of thing would maybe help get independence a little more popular.
  23. Still can't believe they got rid of spectral layers☹️
  24. Ok - TEchnical support suggested a full un-install and re-install. I just ran the exe for library installation manager and it recognized the install and did a repair and all is fixed. Just a note for future reference. This is on a Win 7 pro OS.
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