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  1. Hi Dennis, A lot of the information in these videos is still relevant today but obviously some things have changed. Yes the menus are different because they were changed from V13 (Prox2) onwards . You can revert to the original menus if you follow your instructions on the video I made just now. I would like to update them but it would be a massive job. Maybe I can use the original voice-overs and just redo the video which should be less problem but I will look into it. Here's the video: Regards, Kraznet V12 Menus.mp4
  2. Hi Factor, Try unticking "Scale with Fades/Curves". Regards, Kraznet
  3. New tutorial about Automation Shapes.
  4. Here's my 1st tutorial for Samplitude Pro X5
  5. It's a known bug which I reported the other day so they are working on it. Sorry about the inconvenience. Regards, Kraznet
  6. Hi BX, I deleted some of your older attachments to free up space so you should now be able to post more gifs etc. Regards, Kraznet
  7. Hi Craig,

    One thing about upgrading. It's worth noting that there is a possibility that Pro X5 may drop later in the year although we haven't started beta testing yet. Also I know that ARA2 will be implemented in the next beta for testing. Regarding mixer folder tracks I've been asking for that for years. I know it's possible because they have mixer folder tracks for surround tracks so I'm sure it must be possible for normal tracks. But I will broach the subject again with MAGIX and see if I can get something happening but no promises.

    Regards, Kraznet

  8. I actually managed to reactivate my Garritan account and installed the software I will have to give it another test it's been a while since it was installed because I upgraded computer awhile back. Regards, Kraznet
  9. Since I made that video I can't even find my authorisation number for Garritan Aria to reinstall it. I'm not even sure how to find it. Anyway I hope the video helps. Regards, Kraznet
  10. There's no reason why it shouldn't work. Maybe @matfle can help you as he is a fellow beta tester and is a native German. Regards, Kraznet
  11. Regards, Kraznet
  12. I have a licence V6 I bought years ago but I never managed to get it working very well. I will have to see if I can find the original CD and give it another shot. Regards, Kraznet
  13. Up until now I've been deleting and banning spammers as soon as the posts arrive. However now I have changed the forum software settings for new signups. They will need to answer a question related to audio before they can sign up plus a Captcha. This will hopefully stop spam bots. We'll see how this works out and hopefully will improve the situation. Regards, Kraznet
  14. Try this https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArykvgUqgIgFhbB8v8H9NWmzShfD1A?e=wC7VS1 Regards, Kraznet
  15. Hi Jakob, Judging from your screenshot the problem you have is that only the 1st MIDI object is selected so that's all that is showing up in the midi editor. if you want to see the rest of the parts you need to select them as well so they are all orange and then they should all appear in the midi editor. The quick way to select all objects is to double-click in an empty part of the track and they will be selected. Regards, Kraznet
  16. So that simplifies things. So basically the version you are using has suddenly the de-authorised itself. I'm not really sure why this is happening. If you have never installed Samplitude and are using the stand-alone/third-party version of Independence there's no reason why this problem should arise. It sounds like something's happened to your system since you last used Independence last year. Did you try doing a repair using the Independence library content installer? Apparently doing this will reinstall the files related to copy protection. failing that I'm not really sure what other solution there is other than you contacting support. Regards, Kraznet
  17. There is a problem about authorisation when it comes to the Samplitude version of Independence and the stand-alone version. Is Independence working in Samplitude OK? Regards, Kraznet
  18. One other question. Since Independence was last working in Studio One and stand-alone have you installed a new version of Samplitude including the Independence version that came with the installer? Regards, Kraznet
  19. Just to clarify. The version of Independence which comes with Samplitude only works within Samplitude. If you try to load it in a 3rd party DAW or as stand-alone you will get that "file not found" message. In order to use Independence in a 3rd party DAW or as a stand-alone app you need to pay for a separate licence. Did you buy a separate licence? Regards, Kraznet
  20. Hi Matti, Is this this problem occurring when using the stand-alone version of Independence? Regards, Kraznet
  21. Hi Les and welcome to the forum, There was an issue with recording midi in a earlier version of Samplitude Pro X4 if retrospective midi record was enabled but it should have been fixed now. What version are you using have you installed the latest update? If you have the latest update and it's still not working make sure you don't have a small loop section enabled further down the timeline because that can cause problems. Regards, Kraznet
  22. Thanks for clarifying your method I will look into this. Regards, Kraznet
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