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  1. i fixed it somehow. it had something to do with the midi button on the track editor. ide turn it off and it kept turning itself back on. i kept wrestling with it and got a message that said something about unlocking cc(idk), or something like that. i clicked yes and now im back in biz.... thanks for your time Stuttgart
  2. image (1).pngimage.png i dont know what you mean by reset the audio.... yes it worked before. i have probably 20 projects. i went back into an old project i had worked on the previous night. nothing had changed. hit record on vocal track. same thing. no signal registering or recording on track, you can see in the 2nd screenshot that its recording but its flat lined...its coming through the speakers though.. i also noticed the sound was coming through even without any tracks being record enabled.
  3. samps not picking up audio signals. sound is coming through but its not registering on the meters. nor is it recording. tried restart. tried new track. i even tried an old project where i know everything was routed correctly. i didnt change anything just hit record on old vocal track and the same problem. i went back in to pro tools to see if it was the mbox driver, but it worked perfectly fine in protools. also tried reaper and it worked there too. its definitely samp.
  4. is there a way to transpose the midi coming from my keyboard. it only has 61 notes and im unable to trigger the drums in bfd3 because they start an octave lower. i tried changing configuration in bfd3 but it doesnt do anything. my keyboard doesnt have the option its a cheap one from radio shack. optimus md1200... thanks
  5. thanks for all the reply's. i have about 10 others ive been working on. probably second time its happened... i just enlarge waves as big as possible and zoom in less. a minor nuisance but was hoping i hit the wrong button or something... thanks again
  7. yes. i had both cel and vel. tried all combinations still doesnt work.
  8. velocity control in drum editor stopped working. i am able to select it and type in my own at top, and also adjust on bottom. its only when i try to control the note itself. the cross doesnt turn int up/down arrow anymore. holding shift seems to change it to up/down arrow, but it doesnt adjust velocity, it just moves the whole thing up/down.
  9. that seems scary. way too tech for me. im used to it now anyways. thanks
  10. OMFG!!! nevermind. i kept trying to enlarge the bottom section by dragging it down but i needed to drag the top part up. im so friggen stupid!!!
  11. no. its not that. that switches it from nothing to three bottons. an arrow(combi tool), a pencils (freehand drawing tool), and a plus sign(line drawing tool). theres just no pb button.
  12. thanks kraznet. im still not getting it. what arrow? the only arrow i see is the bottom left corner.when i right click left click, nothing happens. on the top left corner next to event where it says "Note on" i selected it and scrolled down to pitchbend. that didnt do anything either... on a side note, i got "unable to load vst" on start up this afternoon. it looks like it was only waves plugs. i rescanned folder and i saw it recognize the wavesshell. then i tried activating plug and i got "the plugin is either missing or not installed correctly," do you know what might be causing it.
  13. thanks kraznet. im just getting used to the vsti manager. its starting to make more sense now. the reason i had 3 instances of kontakt 16 out was because i was having problems routing it so i would delete it because there were 16 open tracks. i didnt know i had to remove the instrument from the manager as well. i think all that tweaking without knowing what i was doing did something bad. i was able to get it right eventually thanks to your tutorial. thanks again.
  14. there is no pb button on the bottom left corner. everything ive found to manipulate/draw pitchbend in the midi editor says push this button. all of the examples were using built in vsti. im using kontakt. please dont tell me it doesnt work on 3rd party plugs.
  15. im getting "failed to create vst instrument kontakt 5" message. had 3 open. had to delete one in vsti manager in order to open a new one. the others were 16out. is there a limit or something? took me a couple hours to get it working. would like to know for future reference.
  16. figured it out. user error as usual. really really stupid mistake. i put it on mbox control instead of mbox external.... thanks again for your help Werner.
  17. thanks for responding werner. 1. i have y / audio settings / monitoring set up all the way to the right to where it says " mixer effects monitoring / hybrid engine. pink record light lit and blue speaker button lit. the sound is coming through the speakers with the plugin keyboard. im just not able to trigger it with external keyboard. i went back in to cubase last night to make sure it wasnt any of the hardware and it worked perfectly, so its definitely samplitude. 2. thanks ill try that 3. all my plugins are loaded, they just have no organization at all. cubase organized them automatically. so did protools. i was shocked at how many plugins i actually had. when i click on vst it literally covers the whole screen. is there a way to better organize them by group like "dynamics," or "eq" etc?
  18. 1. i can not for the life of me get the midi to work. im using an optimus md-1200 (radio shack brand but it has worked on pt, cubase, s1, and x2 for 15+ years). i have never had a problem in any other DAW previously mentioned. i hit "y" midi / mbox control. set both global record and play to mbox. gone to track editor selected mbox control on "in. loaded instrument. i selected record and input monitoring. it plays when i hit the little keys on plugin, but im not getting a signal from my keyboard. its not even registering in fade levels. ive watched all kraznets videos. there doesnt seem to be an answer. 2. when i select a region and duplicate "ctrl + D" it jumps to somewhere else in the track and does something. i dont know what. the only way i am able to work around this is copy and paste. it is really slowing me down. 3. there doesnt seem to be any coherent method for finding plugins. samp put absolutely ZERO effort into this, its really amateur. i feel like magix is trying to coerce me into only using their plugins. if they can neatly organize theirs. why cant i do the same for mine. for ex. why cant i put all my 3rd party comps in 1 dynamics folder? this is the 12th version for gods sake!!! people have been working like this for over 20 years??? its craziness!!! there has to be a remedy.
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