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  1. Hi if I record arm a midi track it wont turn off when I record arm a audio track. Is there a setting to make this exclusive regardless of what it is recordings? cheers
  2. Hey thanks Kraznet, that's awesome Yes I got around it by duplicating instead. thanks again
  3. Thanks Kraznet, but still not working for me what confuses me is that the loop starts at bar three and ends at bar five but the object length adds 206 ticks i'm still pretty new to samp so hopefully it's something simple
  4. Hi after tempo mapping, i selected a range and then add midi object to range. I then added some midi notes and the made it into a 2 bar loop (control L) I then stretched the loop out over the whole project but it didn't conform the grid that was tempo mapped. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey Puddin, cool name I'm learning sam aswell As far as I know you move the whole object left and then just stretch it out on the right side
  6. Thanks Kraznet No worries about the unsolved thing Thanks very much for your help Cheers
  7. Thanks for that kraznet but it still doesn't work but still works with audio so I can use the other tracks as a reference as to where in the song I'm recording. I'm using normal mode because I'm discarding the bad takes. On the good news front I got my serial number today so now officially a samp user, wish me luck
  8. No I'm using normal. Maybe I should try this with another vsti? . Thanks for your help
  9. No joy i'm afraid. I wonder what else i'm doing wrong.
  10. Thanks kraznet, I did try that but will try that again when I get home. I might have had some other setting like play vip not ticked. I'll let you know how it goes Thanks Garrick
  11. Hi kraznet Yes play vip while recording is already checked. I managed to get it working with audio but that was with software monitoring. I tried with mixer fx monitoring but no joy. Im yet to understand the monitoring modes Cheers Garrick
  12. Hi with audio when I make a mistake in recording I can stop or pause the transport go back a bar or 2 and press record, I have a 2 bar count in and while it's counting in I can hear the lead up to the mistake and then record over my error. Is this same workflow possible when recording midi? By that I mean to hear the midi that I played before when doing the midi record count in. Not the end of the world of it can't be done this way but it would be nice. Thanks in advance for any help
  13. I have now tried putting another shortcut into the vstplugin folder but the error didn't return. So it was just this particular blank shortcut that was creating the problem. phew!
  14. I had a look in my vst directory and found a shortcut that was blank, I don't know how it got there but I deleted it and now I don't get the error message.
  15. That may have a bearing on the problem. i think it's also possible it may be related to the VST folder depth. I never really found ot what was causing the probelm as it suddenly stopped and I can'r remember what fixed it. Maybe I did a Windows 8 re-install or something like that. Have you downloaded the latest update for the trial? Yes I did download the latest update with no joy, I then did a repair from the installer, that didn't work, finally a complete uninstall, registry scan and re-install. hmmm
  16. Hi kraznet, yes exactly like that. I just had a thought, is it because I moved some vsts?
  17. (SOLVED) Hi I am trying out the trial version and considering the very well priced crossgrade offer. I'm getting the error message "window cannot find the target" when i open the program and when I open vst and vsti Can anyone help me? cheers specs windows 7 all up to date toshiba satellite 4gigs focurite scarlett 2i4 miditech keyboard edit: updates scarlet usb driver but problem persists
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