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  1. Yes, same with Music Studio & Music Maker instruments.
  2. Hi @anilnc! The included instruments can only be used with Samplitude. Best, Thomas
  3. Hi @Johnny Blade! They are good, haven't used the limiter that much, like the flanger a lot This is what @proaudiosupport said: "The dynamics plugins are are loosely based on old advanced dynamics but the other plugins are mainly new developments. We have a new plugin team - Core Fx is just the beginning, there will hopefully be more in the future" Best, Thomas
  4. I guess these plugins are installed/placed directly in the VST plugins folder without any sub folder. You could create a sub folder for these bundles in the VST folder and move all the files from that bundle to the sub folder, then you will get the sub folder name-arrow in the plugin menu with the plugins listed there. Best, Thomas
  5. Hi @Sean DiMaria! I bought the standalone version years ago and in my account there is both the Independence Pro Standard which is the VSTi/EXE with a serial and then Independence Pro Premium Library with its own serial. Back then I bought a bundle on sale with both products, but I remember there was easy to get confused by the website back then, if you bought the Independence Pro Premium you only got the 70GB library, you needed to buy both products. By looking at the website they now call it Independence Pro Premium Suite it looks like it should include the Independence Pro Standard package as well ... https://www.magix.com/int/music/independence/ but it sounds that you still only get the licence for the Library not the standalone VSTi/EXE version so you need to check with support. Best, Thomas
  6. Hi! I think it's the other way around: INDEPENDENCE MAGIX Independence Pro Standard (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Standard for Windows | Filesize: 295 MB Includes the Independence 3.5 VSTi dll and standalone exe MAGIX Independence Pro Plus Suite (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Plus Suite for Windows | Filesize: 42.7 MB Download manager for the Plus library 12GB MAGIX Independence Pro Premium Suite (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Premium Suite for Windows | Filesize: 118 MB Download manager for the Premium library 70GB Best, Thomas
  7. Hi @Mr T! Both CoreFX & Convology XT are separate installations and need their own serial to be activated. You should have got them in the same email as all the other serials for Samplitude Pro X5 Suite and the other included stuff like Sound Forge, SpectraLayers, Izoptope RX7 & Ozone 9 Elements ... Best, Thomas
  8. I think the download from here is 3.5: https://www.magix.com/int/support/pro-audio-downloads/ As I recall there is 2 downloads: The VSTi software: MAGIX Independence Pro Standard The 70GB library: MAGIX Independence Pro Premium Suite
  9. To bad Thomas ... why did you choose to revert to 3.3 and not 3.5? This link might help you out: https://www.magix.info/us/support/article/reinstalling-independence--647/
  10. Hi Thomas! Ah, now I remember that you shared the 3.6 version you got from support last year .. I also remember that @TerryBritton did comment he had these problems when installing 3.6 so reverted back to 3.5. Regarding the 70GB image files I think one where asked to run the download manager when using Independence for the first time. I have several boxed versions, so I got the DVD's with the files.
  11. I'm using the Independence version 3.5 included with Pro X4 together with Pro X5, no issues so far ... I think the version included with Pro X3 is the older Independence 3.3, maybe that why. Best, Thomas
  12. Wow, great @georgob! Best, Thomas
  13. Hi windblown! The quick answer is No ... not in any Independence versions, the sounds only work within their own Vita instrument. I've noticed that most Vita Instrument sounds are based of the Independence Pro library or Best Service Engine libraries. Engine from Best Service is a re-skinned version of Independence Free so their commercial libraries can also be loaded in all versions of Independence ... You can get the Engine Artist Library, a 2,5 GB collection of sound from their libraries as a free fully working demo at: www.bestservice.com Which version number is your Independence Free? I thinks it needs to be 3.5 to be able to load the latest Engine libraries ... if it's a older version then you can download Engine as well. Best, Thomas
  14. Hi @byxx! Midi volume goes from 0 to 127, the default value is c100, the Fader 0 dB position is c63 and 12 dB is c127 , so you need to set it to approximately 7.76 dB for c100. Also you can see the Midi volume value under the dB led row in the mixer or track editor and to the right of the fader in the Track header. Best, Thomas
  15. Hi @Trensharo! Thanks, that's right ... As stated and confirmed above the 32-bit plugin works fine in the 64-bit Sound Forge. Sound Forge bundled with Samplitude Pro X3 does include the licence for the Mastering and Repair Suite plugins, but the one bundled with Pro X4 don't include a licence. Yes I know there are better options nowadays but Patrick liked and wanted the the plugins he have to show up in Sound Forge Pro 13 and we got that issue solved ... Best, Thomas
  16. Hi Patrick! I don't have Sound Forge Pro 13 but I have version 12 and the Mastering and Repair Suite plugins works fine there but they are only 32-bit plugins, SF Pro 12 & 13 are now 64-bit. Check in Options/Preferences/VST Effects. In v12 there is an "Alternate VST Search Folder" which is pointed to the 32-bit VST folder. Best, Thomas
  17. Ok, you get this missing file dialog when the library license is not activated. Have you activated the standalone Independence Pro Suit in the preferences? If so, which license did you get? The reason I ask is that I’ve seen confusion before with the different licenses. Only the Premium Suit license for the 70 GB library will work with the library installed with Samp ProX, not the Standard (2 GB) or Plus (12 GB) licenses. Best, Thomas
  18. Hi @Michael Wallace! Do you have a license for the standalone Independence Pro Premium Suit library? The Independence bundled with Samp Pro X is only licenced for use within Samplitude, to use the standalone version you need a separate license. https://www.magix.com/int/music/independence/ Best, Thomas
  19. Shortcut H for Help and of course Spacebar for Play/Stop
  20. Hi @byxx! The shortcut for Calculate is Enter ... for Close: Esc ... not sure if there is any for the other buttons ... Best, Thomas
  21. I'm glad that I could of help Sylvain ... Magix seem to have missed to include any of the Acoustic Mirror impulse files so it's good to download the all_impulses.exe
  22. Hi @Jazzy2040! I think they where available on the old installation CD's and as a additional download ... You'll find the test tones included here in this download from the Sony days: https://web.archive.org/web/20150911083213/http://dspcdn.sonycreativesoftware.com/current/extras/impulses/all_impulses.exe Edit: If you don't want do download all impulses (60 mb) you'll find the test tones folder here: https://web.archive.org/web/20141012070807/http://download.sonymediasoftware.com/current/extras/testtones.zip Best, Thomas
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