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  1. Hi guys!


    Now I've talked with some others who also use Samplitude, and they also prefer the "+" to "~". Now I've a question: there are also differences in german Braille to english Braille. The period which looks like . (point 3 on a german Braille Display) looks like $ (points 4 and 6 on a Braille Display) in English Braille, for example. Is there a possibility to create two different versions in the Accessibility skins that the English skin has the "~" in the track and the german skin has the "+" in the track? If that doesn't work, my second question is:

    may it can be possible, if someone really doesn't like the "~" symbol, that he or she can change it individually to the "+" symbol?

  2. Hello!


    Sorry, my English isn't really quite good, but did I understand you correctly that the plus symbol should not be the symbol that signs a track as a selected track?

    I for example helped a good friend to install and run Pro X3 on his Laptop and when I saw the new skin with the new way of track selection with the plus symbol, I was really surprised and I thougt, yes, that was a great idea.


    Regards, Patrick

  3. Hi! I have a Problem with the Independence Library. I for myself have not already worked with it, so I didn't install it on my PC, but at a good friend's place - he is also blind - we tried to run it, but it doesn't work. We installed Samplitude Pro X3, but then - what we have to do to get the Library started? We know that we have to copy the Content of the 2 other DVDs, but where we have to paste the Content files of the Library? I think that is the main Problem, why it doesn't work.


    Sincerely, Patrick


    Hallo! Ich habe ein kleines Problem. Ich für meinen Teil arbeite nicht mit der Library, also habe ich sie auch nicht bei mir integriert, aber bei einem guten Freund wollten wir es ausprobieren. Wir haben Samplitude Pro X3 installiert, kommen aber dann nicht weiter. Wie sollen wir dann vorgehen, um die Library ins Programm zu integrieren? Wir wissen schon, dass wir den Inhalt der beiden Zusatz-DVDs brauchen, aber wo sollen wir die Daten von den DVDs hinkopieren?


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


  4. Hello again! Yesterday I tried it again to search the Forum category and in the second atempt it worked. I don't know what happened, but now it works. Sincerely, Patrick


    Hallo! Gestern hab ich es noch einmal probiert, das Forum zu finden, und im zweiten Anlauf hat es dann geklappt. Ich weiß nicht, was dann anders gelaufen ist, aber nun funktioniert es. LG Patrick

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