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  1. Thanks for all the advice! I learned the hard way that the VS-100 doesn't always play well with others. In fact, when I used it with Band in a Box (BIAB, for short), I used the WDM driver included with BIAB because it was more stable than Roland's drivers. OTOH, Roland's drivers worked better with Sonar. The early versions of Sonar had an instrument map for the Motif, and I just kept re-using it with each new iteration. To my eyes, the key thing you said is that the VS-100 ran fine with the stock Samplitude driver. It breaks my heart that I'm closing the book on Sonar after about 14 years, so compatibility there is not so important. The thing about it is, I think you need Roland's driver to use the VS-100's digital ins/outs. But what the heck, when I get back here after Christmas with the family, I'll start experimenting. By the way, I'm digging deep in my memory, but I think I might have had to configure something in the Motif to set the outputs to be SPDIF and not ADAT. It'll be about the second or third week of January before I can get back to this, but when I do, I'll start a thread with VS-100 and Motif in the title so we can resume the conversation. I'm looking forward to comparing notes!
  2. Hey Balinas, thanks for your reply. It sounds like Roland finally put out some Win 10 drivers for the VS-100, so I'll download them and give it a go. You may remember all the posts in the Sonar forum about the hoops that people were jumping through to try and jerry rig drivers for older Roland Products. My PCR-300 will never see Win 10 drivers. I got so annoyed I just put the VS-100 in the closet and switched to Focusrite. Like you, I've never used the sequencing capabilities of the Motif, but I love the sounds. In the early days of Sonar, the only viable multi-timbral synth was the TTS-100. When I'm working on songs, especially alternate arrangement styles, I like to create a Band-In-the-Box midi sequence and try it in different styles to hear ideas I wouldn't have come up with normally. Using the digital outs from the Motif into the VS 100, the quality was as good as if I'd done the whole thing in the box. I often did a lot of "pre-mixing" on the Motif as well, because in the days of Sonar 3-5, the Motif effects and EQ were the equals of what was available in Sonar. Time to re-visit the VS-100!
  3. Hey balinas: I just migrated this week, too, also from Sonar. I have the same VS-100 and Motif Classic 6, so I couldn't resist saying a quick hello. Did you get Windows 10 drivers for your VS-100? Is it working smoothly? I don't care so much about the fader and all that, but I love the various connectivity methods, especially the digital ins with that Motif. I'm guessing we "went in the box" at about the same time!
  4. Hi to all the Samplituders and the Sonarites! I'm yet another long-time Sonar user left at the doorstep by Gibson. The timing of Magic's incredible offer made this irresistible. I'm still kicking the tires right now, going back and forth with Studio One's *almost* equally generous offer. I ended up buying both, so in that sense, I'm already "in." Kraznet, your postings and videos are very compelling. Knowledge combined with enthusiasm make a potent package. I echo the many comments about how polite the forum is. If I take the full plunge, I'll do a true introduction in your "howdy" thread, and create a signature with my system info as you strongly recommend. But for now, I'm lurking, learning, and thoroughly enjoying myself. You guys have something special going here!
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