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  1. Then why did Behringer have NO tech people at the booth at any of three times I stopped by the booth?

    A business partner and I were eyeing the X32 as a possible tech partner to work with Soniccore to marry up the X32 with the soniccore Xite1, and they were marginally interested despite what a powerful system this would become -especially with the AES or network or even MADI interface.

    I'm happy to see that it's getting good reviews... Just really not convinced of adequate DAW integration.


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    I've been watching this for over a year, and checked it out at January 2011 NAMM, where the demo unit wasn't even working yet (sitting in a case).

    At NAMM 2012 the booth people seemed hesitant to demo it.


    Demos are demos. I'm sure the unit that moved to market is not a demo.

    Remember the iphone that dropped connections due to faulty antennae. (actually that defeats me)

    Why would you think it wouldn't marry Samplitude?

    Because of a $20.00 firewire card?

    You record into the mixer and then dump the files to your DAW.I am also pessimistic about any automation working.It IS a Midas front end jammed into a Behringer ohmy.gif.The guys at the booth seemed very hesitant to respond to my questions regarding DAW integration.


  3. I've been watching this for over a year, and checked it out at January 2011 NAMM, where the demo unit wasn't even working yet (sitting in a case).

    At NAMM 2012 the booth people seemed hesitant to demo it.

    I wish it at least had ADAT, and USB2 and Firewire are gradually dying - but at least you can dump your tracks out into Samplitude/Sequoia.

    But it's mainly a tracking mixer for raw capture.

    It would be GREAT for live show-control.

    Not convinced it would marry well with Samplitude though.


  4. 1343918224[/url]' post='212647']

    Hi Greg,

    That was exactly it. I had a range drawn in. As soon as I removed it, Midi recording started working flawlessly.

    Kraznet, Greg, thank you both for the quick replies and resolving my issue 100%!! I'll definitely be recommending Samplitude going forward. Excellent software and excellent support when needed.

    Have a great weekend, mates and happy recording!


    Glad you got it sorted out.Range and loop recording should work also with or without punch in/out markers with overdub mode turned on.


  5. Sound pools from 11.5 should work, as well as any Magix Music Maker or Soundpools from Magix online purchase.

    I don't think Indy has loops that will work from the manager. You'll have to load Indy and go from there.

    SOME of the MIDI-based loops will then load Vita. You COULD get the MIDI sequence you want and then switch to Indy sounds.


  6. What about is the harmony generator available as plug-in for proX or sequoia? or is there any other 3d part plug in that does the same work?

    As far as I know, it's not available and won't work outside Samplitude Producer.

    There are other Harmonizers out there such as Harmony Improvizator and Catanya - which are MIDI-only.

    I haven't tested these yet, but I've read that sometimes these harmonizers have problems with VST bridge (because they're 32-bit), but I may be wrong.


  7. Object-editing in Samplitude is non-volatile, so once an object is trimmed, you can always drag the neighboring object-edges back over the trim area.

    Automation - right click on volume button in VIP track or mixer and delete the desired curve as a whole, or use another automation mode to overwrite the automation, or switch to automation mouse mode and window-grab the automation nodes that you want to delete/move, etc.

    Keep watching Kraznet's videos. They're very good.

    Once you get the hang of Samplitude's audio editing functions, there may be no turning back :)


    I have been using samp since 7.0, but this idea of 'automation' is a JOKE! the way to automate is to go over the track, over and over, and every time you touch the faders, that section gets 'overdubbed'. This is how you refine fader moves. It sounds like you're saying it's STILL an 'all or nothing' form of automation - do all your fader moves correctly, or manually 'draw' repairs. That is, frankly, absurd. Why Samplitude doesn't have 'flying faders' style automation (especially when you've got a touch-sensitive external controller like I do) is beyond me. This should have been implemented YEARS ago.

    Are you using Overwrite automation mode?

    Under Automation>Automation mode - or right-click over automation button (such as near volume fader), and select overwrite mode.

    After selecting a range, and turning on loop mode, you should be able to keep adjusting your fader, and the curve and nodes should follow.


  8. Hello. I'm a relative newcomer to the board but have been a hobbyist recordist for some time. I've been using the Samplitude 11 demo and have decided to purchase the Pro version from ProAudioToys (great price). Anyway, after placing my order, I'm informed that the actual physical boxed set is no longer available but that I could be sent a dongle and a link to download the program. Apart from a physical manual (big plus to the boxed set)and the hassle of downloading gigabytes of files, is there anything else I would be missing by going the "virtual" rather than the "physical" route with this purchase?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    You can try contacting Tim Dolbear on the main forum and he can probably help you out.


  9. Ive created a timbale solo within beatbox but I cant figure out how to get the 4 bar solo into samplitude. Can I turn the Beatbox pattern into a wave file? Whats the best proceedure fo getting the bars into samplitude. Thanks in advance.

    Yes, you can freeze the track, which will render a wav file in the active track.

    When you're running Beatbox as an 'object' synth, it's already IN Samplitude.


  10. I had someone ask why they couldn't start a new topic there and I tried myself and found the same goes for me?

    Where will all those users go to find help?

    It appears that the other boards are basically dead. They are still there but just about nobody uses them. If you want answers about Samplitude Producer or even Samplitude Music Studio MX, this is the only place you will find people to answer them.

    magix.info works. I just tested it.

    At times I've seen some the Music Maker and MEP devs over there.


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