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  1. What kind of track are you scanning? Drums or a full music mix?

    Remix agent is old, and hasn't really been updated in a while.

    I wish Magix would 'finish' it.

    It has a lot of problems with odd time signatures...

    Anyways, in your case there may be some other transients that it has problems detecting due to other instrumentation in the mix.

    Nevertheless if you're using ProX, then you can probably turn on the tempo map and adjust the tempo there.

    Also, what are your buffer settings?


  2. I do have the MX version, and I can tell you it's even a downgrade of the Music Studio 16 version.

    I bought it, but it's a waste of money.

    They removed the Take Manager!!!!!

    You cannot even use loop recording, because there is no Take Manager, like there was in MS16.

    No they didn't.

    Take Manager and Take Composer are still there.


    Open up a new manager window under View>Manager>Take Manager


    p.s. sorry Moon - forgot that I'm using ProX :P. Haven't installed MX version yet, so can't check for the TM.

  3. I'm using Samplitude 11.

    When I press spacebar, a range will be created automatically. When I press spacebar again, playback will begin and end according to the range. When playback stops, a new range will be created and the story repeats itself.

    I don't know how I managed to activate this behavior, but I spent a LONG time trying to get rid of it. No luck. Please help! :unsure:

    What happens when you switch mouse-modes?

    Have you tried removing the range?


  4. This may sound silly, but is there a way to add Track Icons in Samplitude? Something similar to what they have in Magix Music Maker? I typically use the Track Colors in Samp to try and give myself a quick visual indication of which fader I'm reaching for, but it seems to me that being able to assign track icons would be even easier than using colors.

    This has been requested on/off for years now.

    I also use colors since it helps see things from a distance - but you have to remember what your color-scheme means, and some people have issues with color-blindness, so....

    It would be nice.

    I'm also testing using different font-sizes for the track name marquee...

    It might also be cool to be able to assign different gradient patterns to the track colors. Maybe I'll re-post this to the beta team ;).


  5. I needed an audio editor to master some MIDI tracks that I had done way back in the Atari Notator days.

    I discovered Samplitude V4.something back in the Sek'd days (still have the floppy disks somewhere), and the rest is history.

    I've dabbled in many other DAWs over the years, (and spent a ton of time in PT-based, or Nuendo-based, or Cubase-based, or DP-based studios), but have always kept Samplitude in my arsenal of tricks ;)


  6. I've done several Samplitude-based articles for RECORDING magazine, but no ads or other Magix support at all. But nevertheless they gave me the space to cover some items-of-interest.

    But when I see an issue of Future Music with 'Ultimate DAW Tips' throughout the them of the mag, and not even one mention (that I could find) of Samplitude or even Sequoia (for mastering), it kinda bums me out.

    Nevertheless I guess I've grown to appreciate the more 'underground' vibe of Samplitude over all these years within the insane DAW marketplace filled with upstarts like Cockos/Reaper, and even Bidule or MixCraft.


  7. If you've drag-n-dropped or opened the wav file raw, then all you need to do is:

    Leave the wave edit window open.

    Open a new raw VIP.

    Hit enter key to tile both windows.

    In wav edit window hit 'a' key to highlight all, and then just drag the wav into a VIP track.

    Have fun,


  8. You can't open .mmm project files in Samplitude, but you CAN render out your individual tracks in Music Maker and load them in Samplitude.

    Most of the soundpools work, but Samplitude doesn't see the 'harmony' information that's embedded in some of the Music Maker loops.

    Yes, you should just download the Samplitude demo and see how it runs on your system. This would also help you disqualify whether or not there is some conflict on your system that causes the crashes.


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