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  1. HI and thanks;)

    I had ever used logic 5 vst (the old and only version that run on PC) ,sonar 5, nuendo 3 and , after I have tried the SAM 10 demo (not the pro), then I have decided to give up for ever them and Now I have just purchased SAM 11 PRO ( it should arrive among few days :P ), and I was curious to know the differences between 11 Pro and the new music studio 16..

    thanks for info

    congratulations on going Pro :unsure:

    Studio is basically the (really) 'lite' version of Samplitude and Samplitude Pro.

    Be sure to join the Samplitude forum after it arrives.

    Have fun,


  2. New notation features such as...?

    VST expression seems proprietary to Cubase, and as well I'm not sure how many VST's out there actually respond to the expression commands.

    As far as i understand, is not a very complicated thing, just a trick to avoid to have lots of track for a single instruments because articulations and keyswitches, even their expression maps are just xml files. Even if it is propietary, i dont believe it is, VST is too, and you know, we are using it.

    Best Regards.

    Yes, understood.

    Still have read mixed results with re: to how well some synths respond to the expressions.

    and for all I know VST is licensed (but probably not) :)


  3. New notation features such as...?

    VST expression seems proprietary to Cubase, and as well I'm not sure how many VST's out there actually respond to the expression commands.

    I don't know what's planned, if anything, but it's been requested to build in more chord symbols/text and some other things related to video-post.

    Samplitude does export XML out to Sibelius, etc.


  4. Nutclusters!!

    If I'd have known I'd have waited :blink: nevermind...


    Hey, at least you'll get going with the program.

    It does everything a good inexpensive DAW should do (IMO).

    You can always contact one of the distributors off the Samplitude.com website and see if there are any upgrade deals available, but I think Music Studio (and Music Maker) are distributed via Magix directly.


  5. They musta taken down the old list comparing all Samplitude versions.

    Well, mainly MS is a scaled down Pro. Take away Ammunition, number of VST's per channel, enhanced time stretch, and a ton of other 'deeper' features, and you get Music Studio. :blink:

    Maybe someone will post the old list showing the comparisons.


  6. I'm on XP Pro 64-bit and Samplitude 10 Pro is working fine - no problems or crashes.

    My old Samplitude 8 is more stable than new 11. With Sam 8 I can make 1,4 gb project in RAM - thats work stable. But the Sam11 above 1,1 Gb is going to crash. Every time. I have 8GB RAM and can not use. Up to here I was loading the .VIP from version 8, maybe here is the problem.

    I have problem because I'm using a lot of samplers in realtime. Hmm.

    What happens if you reconstruct the old V8 project in V11?


  7. hmmmmm.....they used to have the V10 demo up on samplitude.com, but now, with the updated website, I can't find it!


    Hopefully someone will post a link.

    In the meantime, maybe download the Music Studio demo and dig in to that until the 'big' version is posted.


    Got it!


    OK. Good.

    Note that the DLV probably doesn't have all the latest plugins, etc. - but Music Studio does.

    Anyways, you should be good to go.


  8. Hello everyone,

    Ok Im a newbie, but Im no stranger to digital recording. I specifically wanted Reaper for the Midi step recording, to do bass and maybe piano stuff to add to my other guitar stuff. Im able to bring up the keyboard, but Im not getting any sound and I cant seem to create a track with it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?? Thanks for your help

    Is monitoring turned on in the channel you want to record on?

    What is your MIDI input channel set to?

    MIDI recording turned on in the channel?


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