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  1. I attach some files, in which you can hear how Vandal reacts to a gradual change of time, in this case a slowed down ending. Even Vintage Echo has some problems, you can hear it at 5/6 sec. in the "AmplTb-Echo" file. Slow down the time at the end of a song it is not something out of the ordinary, so we should solve this problem already reported on other occasions; otherwise you must use something else. I also attach a file with amplitube, which does not have the same problem. Many Thanks to the devs. Vndl.mp3 AmplTb.mp3 AmplTb-Echo.mp3
  2. for quantization, see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m1l7XC_cwY(4.30 minutes, approximately) by # or b, is easier to use up and down arrow (After the note added)
  3. Time ago tried with some success, particularly with HiGain (eg: preset higain solo). We should keep the speakers away from your computer, to avoid interference. If I register, I do not sit near the computer, which is the major cause of noise (at least here).
  4. Dockable window tuner, please, or provide a telescope
  5. I did some tests, and it seems that opening with Samplitude projects made with musicstudio (2005), the bar marker position not work. I will try to find something .
  6. Sorry ! I tried to apply this feature on other projects, and I understood how. But on this, not right. Perhaps because imported from musicstudio?
  7. I have an old project, imported from musicstudio2005. I would like the grid starts from a certain point onwards. I've set a bar position marker, then? The grid remains where it is. I read some posts, but I did not understand how. Note that from that point onwards, the tempo remains constant. Thanks in advance. positionmarker If someone wants to see, you understand better what I want to do. I tried to upload a picture, but I do not know how it works.
  8. Thanks. The same to you. Congratulations on the guitar performance.
  9. Here's the solution to the mystery. Simple and clear . So, the only way to delete files in excess, is "save complete VIP in ..."?
  10. I also set a button to open the "edit menu keyboard." However, if you look at such "mixer" (in window menu), "M" opens and closes the mixer; But in "midi editor," if You set a shortcut, the midi editor opens, but to close you will need to use a mouse, or alt + spacebar + C. Moreover, in midi editor can not be saved, then you must close it every time you want to save. I do not use many midi instrument, but when they use, they require a lot of work (for example, a drum track), and any "savings" is useful. About the shortcut "shift + right", would not be more useful if the screen followed the end of range? (As in the "shift + f3")
  11. I have a problem with "remove unused samples". I launched this tool, click ok, it 's warning "remove unused samples finished", "please save ...", but the files are not deleted. In fact, if I repeat the process, the files are the same as before.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to use the mouse unless I can. Alt + spacebar + C is fine, but one key should be better.
  13. Hi! Often read the post but, because my English, I never posted. I'm a songwriter, not a technical, but I would have a couple of requests for developers. Firstly, I set a keyboard command to open the midi editor, but it would be very useful if the same could also command the close, that is, as is done with the mixer: M opens and M closes. The second: When imposed a range with the command shift + f3, the screen moves follow the progress of 'range, so you can see where you're going to end, great! Would not it be helpful if the same thing happens when you set the 'range with shift + cursor right? When you use this procedure in fact, the screen remains firm and do not see the end of 'interval. Thanks to developers of the program. Sorry to google translate
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