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  1. Sam SE9 and many other programs, do not let you save as an mp3. At the end of your project, you export the audio to a wav file.

    Now you will need some little outside program to convert to mp3. Lame encoder is one. There are many small programs to convert to mp3, some of them freeware. Also some other audio programs such as Adobe Audition, will let you import your Samplitude made wav file, and convert it to an mp3.

  2. I've been using Samplitude 9SE for a few weeks now and am really getting into it. One thing that is annoying is the lack of a VSTi plugin manager which is apparently included in the full version. Having a limit of 8 VSTi's per project isn't a problem, but once an instrument has been loaded, it stays there in the list of 8. Changing the instrument doesn't remove it from the list, only deleting the track does that. It doesn't take too long to get to a point where the program is telling me I'm up to my limit, when actually there may only be 3 or 4 in use. Is there any way of deleting unused VSTi's from the list? My only workaround is to copy midi info to another track and then delete the original which is a pain in the proverbial!! Can anyone help?

    If i am understanding you correctly... from the midi panel you have in, your midi in, out is going to whatever vst. Just change the midi out momentarily to something else, like your midi out (that choice should be there) poof, the vst is no longer there, now you may choose another vst.

    Also of course if you bounce the midi track to audio, now you can free up the vst. Ive used many many vsts in my project this way.


  3. Im using Sam 9se. I am assuming there is no Take Composer in SE? There is a take manager but i dont see much to be done from that.

    Im recording a guitar lead in a composition. Every time i record a take, it replaces the last one, and labels it such as take 10. The other takes are not there however. Id like to be able to take the best parts of the take and patch them together in some manner. Is there a way to do this with SE ?????


  4. gtrguy,

    Thanks a lot for the info. I dont know how i overlooked that A, all this time. Thanks to you i was able to to add some panning and volume swells etc to a piece ive been working on.

    I dont quite get how to use the object editor to do this, but youve steered me in the right direction. The more i learn about Sam the better it gets.

    thanks again

  5. The features list of SE9 lists track automation, mixer automation, etc. The only automation i have been able to figure out is manually editing the volume and pan curves.

    Is there another way ???

    Im looking to increase and lower volumes in certains spots, and make some pan changes here and there. Can you just use the controls in mixer and have it recorded somehow ?

    Im used to other programs where there is a seperate automation record and you can move the pan controls and have it recorded as automation.

    Any info appreciated.


  6. Thanks for the reply. I actually figured out what it was. When i added a new soft synth to a track you get the dialog do you want it as....

    and i chose the default which is multitimbral? For my setup that made monitoring the effects impossible. I now choose put it all on one track, and everything is fine.

    thanks again.

  7. For some reason i cannot hear the effects in Sam Se.

    I have the monitor options all the way to the right (hardware fx monitoring). I can hear vsti fine. Lets say im using a piano, and try to add a delay to the track. Track monitor button is pushed, i can hear the piano but not the delay.

    I can hear the effects in the master channel, but not the individual tracks. Any ideas?


  8. Oxy,

    Im finally getting somewhere with this, not there, but somewhere. You do not have to export the files.

    Record a midi track selecting the midi input, and output to a vst .

    Now you have the midi recorded.

    Go to Tools menu, track bouncing, (im doing this from memory), a dialog opens up.

    Here is the crucial part, selecting the right options. What i do is select, to bounce to NEW in vip, or something like that, making sure on the right, use active track is selected.

    If you clicked the right things, it renders the track to a new audio track below the midi track, and now you can delete the midi.

    Give it a try, better than exporting.

  9. Hello, Just starting with the new SE.

    I am mainly using vst synths. There is no freeze track in SE, so i am looking for a way to record a midi track with a vst synth, then render or bounce it to an audio track. I cant seem to find a way to do this.

    I have 1 gig ram, so otherwise i can only record four tracks or so without getting noise etc.

    Most other daws will let you take the midi track and render it to an audio track, thus freeing up all the midi info. Any way to do this? If so please be specific as to how to set it up, im just learning .

    Many thanks.


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