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  1. Don't forget if you hit that wall, you can "freeze" tracks, or objects, even aux busses. VSTi instruments as well, and those are the resource hogs, as well as reverb. The biggest producer in the biz, as far as pop classical (Boccelli, Streisand, Groban, Il Volo Celine Dion, etc.) has done 44/16 tracks for a long time (maybe he uses 24 bit now). He mixes those tracks through a digitally controlled analog mixed, Euphonix. I was a bit surprised, but some guys go with what works, and if you're from a certain era, resource management was a big issue. Some or the older Apogees with lower bit rates sound better because the converters were so damn go, they had to be, and I am sure whatever the converters - they're are all top drawer.
  2. He's active with the now Magix "Vegas Pro" forum, ( I hope he is still here as well, someone please confirm) ..... And BTW..... and my sincere hope is someone can have the insight / intestinal fortitude (balls) / drive -- to help integrate the two fine programs. (Vegas Pro/Samp) I personally think Samp has User Interface features that should be implemented, at least a select few of its finest, into Vegas. (It's not a far fetched proposal, Vegas was basically a DAW -- a video feature add on to a Sonic Foundry (think SF Acid) DAW at it's inception, that is why it's audio is beyond Premiere and the other usual NLE video apps - and it behaves like a DAW, in a sort of linear, WYSIWYG fashion) You have always been able to direct a audio file within Vegas to a 3rd party Audio Editor for a very smooth, and well integrated round trip...and Samp has been that 3rd party for me - and that integration is FLAWLESS, and we are talking well before Magix bought the then Sony Vegas and the other Sonic Foundry apps..... Now, before some get some crazy idea that my idea is CRAZY -- look at what Davinci Resolve is up to:
  3. Hope all is well, Merry Christmas, all the best.

    We all mis your insights, expertise.

  4. Hey dude or dudette!! I am running this on the main Samp users board. Just curious to see how many of YOU are actually here, ( and we might have to consider these the core users -- at least the english lang. side). If you check in with this forum at least once a week -- if you would not mind, just a +1 and that is it, no comments, no remarks, just a check mark, if you will. (yes, we know it is flawed and unscientific, thank you Dr. for that observation, now, you don't have to log that). BTW, have not noticed any ladies here, so if you'd like, a +2 for you. This poll is directed especially toward those users who come by and don't comment much. (Like me!! ) Now if you are a not a newb, post on the other board only, not on both boards, thanks. Z +1
  5. My neighbor bought a new machine this month past and it came loaded with Vista and it is a dog because of it. Slow as you cannot believe. Now, I don't have Vista, and I don't know how tweakable it is, but out of the box, it wants to control everything, and injects itself, by way of security pop ups and other invasives, all over the place. Downloading a software upgrade/driver was nightmarish. This is ancectdotal, and not the final word or expert by any means, but I would not touch Vist with a ten foot pole -- as of right now, anyway. But my experience trying to make my neighbor's perfectly good and nearly new HP printer all in one machine work with this anal retentive beast (it was fine with XP, perfect) was a pure horror show. Z
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