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  1. I believe Samplitude is over priced in the current market and that major upgrades, whether they be features or fixes, are lagging well behind.
  2. Thats correct, the original poster has already bought the program. There is a lot more activity in the main forum.
  3. I'd suggest registering to gain access to the main forum, you'll get a lot more help there. regards Dermot
  4. I use BFD in 9.1 Pro. I just froze a track no problem. I just did a right click where the track controls are and selected "Freeze Track". I use BFD in VST stereo mode. I am using BFD midi patterns opened in Samplitude. Possibly related, I exported a loop from Reason and opened in Sam. It showed no graphic data any time I did the export but the audio was there. I'm sure "Rebuild Graphic Data" would fix it.
  5. I use BFD, but have only used it in Stereo output mode as thats all I have needed. In general it works fine, though I did have problems with the Samplitude not playing the midi files at times. This type of seemingly random annoyance put me off using midi in Sam, coupled with difficulties using Reason in V8. Maybe they are fixed, but I got fed up troubleshooting instead of making music. I haven't used it yet in 9.02. I dont want to put you off using BFD, its usually fine, for me the limited difficulties I had came on top of some other stuff.
  6. Is the sample rate of your Fireface set to 44K?
  7. Each VIP has a definible sample rate. Perhaps your default VIP sample rate is 96k and you are inserting a 44k file?
  8. In the program preferences "Y", you select a folder for your vsti's and this is where Sam will look for them. I believe there is a default setting of Sam only looking 2 folders deep. This can be modified, but until you know how to do that, dont go too deep with your vsti folder.
  9. Bear! Are you one of "us" now?
  10. Have a look here: http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=10405
  11. What version are you using (V8)? I encountered a lot of strangeness importing midi files in 8. If you open the midi editor, under "Options" there is a setting "Hide Filtered Midi Objects (sic)", make sure this is unchecked. If that doesn't work and you dont want to wait around for a solution, you can always try deleting the Sam E ini file. This "resets" the program and can cure erratic behaviour. Its in the program folder. It will also reset program preferences etc.
  12. Have you tried: File Load/Import Load Midi File
  13. Where are you trying to open it from? Did you load the impulses when installing the program? Have you tried a reinstall?
  14. If you have registered V9 correctly you should have access to the forum. There do seem to be some teething problems with the new site, that may have some bearing
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