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  1. umm .. I got a white little brochure, one side in English the other in German that promotes samp 10 and tells the difference between the different versions
  2. Since V9.1 you can drag beat position markers and the grid follows while you are moving the mouse. Same is possible with tempo markers. Look at the pinned topic in the Samplitude MIDI Forum: Fitting A Grid To Existing Audio or Midi, Filmmusic workflow, how to do? http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...ost&p=63672 Greetings, Frank thanx !!! this is GREAT, just what I wanted samplitude always surprise me in a very good way
  3. ha ? making music ? recording music ? differences ? what I have is a recorded stuff coming from a digital tracker, , and its not perfectly in time not very pro ? I don't know, a song changes its tempo once in a while and its good I didn't know there are rules .. pro .. not pro
  4. Try picking a range that is 4 beats long (or any number of beats you want), and hit the 'y' key. Set your tempo to match 4 beats based on the range. Sortof tricky, but doable. In V10 you can do it a little faster with the new audio quantize feature. Greg y, open the options dialog. but I got your point, this is hell trying to do that, I thought it would be easy in samp since everybody works here with audio also AQ is automatic, I wanted some way to do it manually (drag the grid) line in cubase (Time Warp) also to my understanding QA is for accommodate audio to the tempo and not vice versa
  5. if I have pre recorded audio tracks can I adjust the grid to fit these tracks thanx Eli
  6. The time has come... in V10, you can use a MIDI device as "hardware controller" and standard MIDI input at the same time, I have just verified this once more. Greetings, Frank this is GREAT !!! btw. how do I post in the main forum ?
  7. Hello all, I finally made the switch hope everything will work out fine ! three things: 1. I get a dialog to update the codemeter to ver 9, samp is working should I update ? 2. which patch should I download ? 9.1.1 or something earlier ? 3. also my codemeter version is 3, I see that there's 3.2c version, upgrade ? thx Eli
  8. this is a quote from frank the developer, I also tested it and, you CAN'T use the same the device for controlling AND playing and the SAME time "That's just the way it is at this time: either you can use a MIDI device as "hardware controller" or as usual input. V9 will at least show if a device is used as "hardware controller". At some time in the future, we may allow to use a MIDI device both as controller and input. Greetings, Frank"
  9. I know this is not possible in samp 9 does Samp 10 support using the same device for control and play ? thx
  10. hell oall, I have two problems. 1. when you load patch to Halion and it doesn't find the samples it display an error, in samp, this error is being displayed BEHIND halion's window so you can't see it, and you need to close it from the task bar. also it seems that I always have to manually "search in directory .." in halion when in cubase it finds the samples on its own. 2. I have midi loop with continues notes, when the loop repeat itself sometimes the first note is played and sometimes not thx Eli
  11. this is my question according to the brochure, Samp 10 will also have elastic audio(easy)
  12. I looked at the brochure of Samplitude 10 and there are two things that is conflicting with what is written on the site on the brochure it says that Samp 10 WILL have Elastic Audio Easy and also MMC, but on the site it says you have none so .. which is correct ?
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