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  1. Wow thank you for this fast answer ! Well, too bad so ... I am very happy with samplitude so i won't complain about this lacking feature. I will then use the cutoff knob of my Q for the attack rate of my Noah
  2. I have a waldorf Q and i would like to control one of my external synth (Noah creamware) but the controllers are fixed so i need a re-mapping ... I just want to move the cutoff (or ADSR) knob form my Walforf hardware synth and modify the cutoff of my Noah (they do not correspond). I have samplitude 10 Pro but i am not good in MIDI (i just prefer audio athat's whay i haver sam ...). Could you give some information for that please ? Thank you !
  3. this friendly forum, the very good support and the kind PMs received to help me have converted me !!!! That's it i have purchased SAM Pro 9 this morning !!! I just need to wait for UPS now... As an information : SAM Pro 9 is VSTi 2.4 so Stylus RMX and all the vsti are pefectly compatible ! I am really happy. Buying Nuendo would mean at least 4 times the price i have paid for SAMP PRO 9. Can you believe it ? My DAW is based on a DSP system (soniccore / creamware boards) and i know people that are very happy with the SAM/soniccore combination. Goooooo !!!!! A new SAM fanatic,
  4. Yes you are right ; i am going to try it and see what happens. But as i am a beginner when it comes to SAM, it may take time for me ... That's why i asked the question first ;-) But may be there are but few stylus RMX users here sooooooo .... Thanks !
  5. As i have stylus RMX plugin (drums) and as this plugins needs a sequencer vsti 2.0 or higher compatible i am wondering if it is the case? Any idea ? Are there people here that use RMX with SAM ? Before purchase ... Thanks !
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