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  1. Hallo und herzlich willkommen! Das ist wirklich toll und ich bin ebenfalls schon ganz gespannt auf Eure Meinung! Viele Grüße, Peter
  2. I know the problem... Back in the old days the limited choices made it easier to concentrate on sound then on digital / analog "routing wars". I wish you good luck! Best, Peter
  3. Hey Greg, ah, I understand... In one of the SAM 8-versions it was possible to open multiple instances even with the dongle. Have you tried it with V10? Maybe it's possible (haven't tried out) otherwise they can fix it in a coming patch release?! All the best, Peter
  4. Hey Greg, thanks for your response! That's interesting! Is it because of the dongle or why 7.23? Best wishes, Peter
  5. Yeah! But why? O.k., I Understand but... Don't get me wrong I had the same on my computer (including V5 but except V10 on XP) and I always thought that I would switch maybe back for one project for any reason. But it never happend so on my new Notebook I just installed V10 and I'm fine with that. I already mixed a lot with V10 and sent it to someone with V8.31 for some more editing he does and got it back afterwards to go on...no problems! So for me there is no reason to keep my harddrives full with the older versions anymore. Best wishes, Peter
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