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  1. Think I've tried pillows, but I'll try it. Sound is like water, if there is an opening it will get out. But I'll try that and a mess of sound blankets.
  2. Thanks for the input about the AXE. It always comes back to "nothing like a real amp". I'm talking about recording here. I live in an apartment and I got a Fender Blues Deluxe and a hotplate. Which in retrospect was pretty stupid idea (a hotplate with a combo amp?). It got an awesome sound, but not much better than my vox tonelab at the time. I did recording using both of them. I have a cheap vox pathfinder (not even tube) which cost like $130, It sounds great with guitars and I will try miking that. Sure, if I had the money I would have a Vox, a Fender, a Marshall Stack and maybe an Ampeg Gemini 1 but I'm not going to build an isolation chamber cause I live in an apartment. I should have bought one of those 5 watt boutique amps that have rave reviews, I know they can cost a pretty penny. Anyway...I will post some rock songs using acoustics and all the electric guitars are Vandal. It sounds damn good, but I can't help think...if I only used a great well miked amp. I do spend hours tweaking the presets including some great pre's from some great forum members.
  3. Hi There, At a certain time I was able to freeze a vandal track then come back to it later and unfreeze it, tweak the track in vandal then freeze it again. Now, I can freeze the track when I am first working on the vandal track, but I cannot unfreeze it, open vandal again and tweak it again and then freeze it. I think after I unfreeze it I can't hear it coming through vandal anymore. I've played around with the monitor settings. Did I change a setting or something? Using ProX on XP 3 gigs of Ram. Not trying to do anything too complex, but I've done projects with many tracks of Vandal guitars. Thanks for your help as much of my recording is guitar based rock and pop.
  4. Nobody answered my post about using short cables for getting better quality signal from your guitar (recommended to me by Sascha in a private message) Which leads me to the question in the topic...IS anyone using Vandal with a wah wah pedal? How is the quality of sound? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I put up a post about something and I remember Sascha sending me a private message that when recording with Vandal it is much better to use the shortest hi quality cable you can. I find that kind of extreme that a few feet longer would make that much difference to the strength of the signal. But he would know, or perhaps I misunderstood his comments. So can anyone confirm that or has anyone done an audio test on that, or notice a difference. Which also brings me to...how many of you use Vandal with a Wah Wah pedal? Would I be better with my Vox Tonelab using a Wah Wah Thanks for any input.
  6. As technology marches on, gear improves...or sometimes gear that has been around for a while and costs a lot more than the lower end product is just better. Some people say comparing Fractal Axe FX and Magix Vandal is like comparing apples to oranges....they are not even in the same league. I thought the first POD was pretty great. Then I liked the Vox Tonelab better. Glad I never got guitar rig or amplitube. I think Vandal is pretty good. It will never end....but has anyone tried Axe FX....is it the one to finally replace tube amps? I need the money for a new DAW anyway. But at some point the ultimate (hardware...I'd rather it be hardware than a plug in) will replace tube amps for digital recording. Or even analog recording. good link about the subject http://chrisporro.com/?p=1003
  7. I have read about and found out by experience that when recording guitar directly into the computer using an amp sim that if your guitar is too close and facing the computer you will get feedback and/or a hum in the recording (similar to when your guitar is facing a real amp and its speaker). I'm just wondering how many users out there have experienced this and can provide me with some more information on this subject. For example... Is the best position to have your guitar facing the opposite direction of the computer? Does it make for less noise the further you are away from the computer? Is there any benefit as far as signal to using a shorter guitar cable to go into the computer....10 ft. VS 25 ft. ? since I have an intern I can record further away from the computer but I just wanted some opinions on the best positioning for your guitar when doing a track. I'm sure many users record themselves playing guitar and most likely are sitting right near the computer. THANKS FOR ANY INPUT....
  8. I have posted some VANDAL presets there and I have asked in the forum, tell me your wishes... but no feedback. Greetings from Peter Krausse Hi Peter. Thanks so much, these presets will help me a lot. I looked through all the current presets posted, and while there may be some that fit what I am looking for, from the preset names I don't know if there are these sounds on there....soooo. here are a few specific sounds I would like to have. If you could create them, post them and let me know, or send me in a PM, however you work it. Of course others would probably find these very useful. So here is what I would love to have presets for (I sort have listed them previously, but I will make it shorter and more specific). 1) Byrds Rickenbacker sound...for 12 string or six string (they used mostly fender amps live, like the bandmaster, but the signature sound was Roger going right into the board using compression. There is a thing called the "Jangle box" that is similar. A vox AC 30 modified might get this sound. 2)Beatles sound, George Harrison, obviously a vox AC 30 sound. Think "Ticket To Ride" or many of their classic songs. Clean with a bit of that beatle bite to the sound 3) Keith Richards Rythem guitar sound. That classic sound that Keith got on Brown Sugar and many songs on Exile. A clean sound but with some bite also 4) Johnny Ramone power chord coming from those 100 Watt Marshall stack. A sound a million punk songs could be made from. 5) The classic clean Steve Cropper sound for R&B. Fender all the way. Like those tweed classic amps you see in great studios. Most of the tweed sounds on the amp sims sound too muffled. I would like more of the classic twin sound, maybe not quite as bright. Also to be used for timeless pop, like the Beach Boys. 6) Jeff Beck sound for lead. I'm talking about his solo from "Shapes of Things" on truth. Pure heaven. 7) Peter Buck classic power pop sound. This would be similar to a Beatles/Byrds sound. For Jangly Pop. For a Rick 360 going into a vintage vox AC 30. He gets an amazing sound live with just that. 8)Bass- classic B-15 for recording pop and R&B. The Jazz combo preset that comes with vandal doesn't cut if for pop(not warm...too much hi end). Think Carol Kaye! 9)Bass- I can't believe there isn't a classic SVT for rock sounds. The presets that are for rock sound nothing like a wonderful Ampeg SVT sound. This my be too much for starters, I have to experiment with the presets I see listed. But I don't see any with these kind of names. Like you could call one "Clapton Disreali Gears Lead sound"....which is another I would like. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do.......and don't worry, no feedback from me! If I like them I'll use the heck out of em...if you want credit on a record release then you can get your feedback and praise....if you want it. Thanks
  9. I have posted some VANDAL presets there and I have asked in the forum, tell me your wishes... but no feedback. Greetings from Peter Krausse It´s an awful pity that this particular website is not more advertised. Your efforts regarding Vandal really have to be appreciated. Regards, Matthias Thanks for the info and the offer. So helpful and so much appreciated. I suspected there might be a preset page. I suggested the same the to UA for the UAD plugs...and BFD.They both said they are getting one together...don't know if they did.
  10. I understand the the amp choices in Vandal are only a starting point from which you can tweak away in a huge array of settings and choices for the amp sounds to fit the songs. I have found that when I chose the AC 30 for that famous clean vox sound for a Beatles guitar sound or various other types of amp sounds. The speaker choices do not fit the sound in my opinion....unless you do a lot of "tweaking".....so as a starting point I would suggest having more specific presets for the following legendary amp sounds that most guitarists are looking for anyway that give you the right enclosure, speaker, EQ and compression...and then you take it from there. I understand that I think part of the Vandal concept is that you tweak your own versions of these. But what if your sound is worse than it would have been if you had compared your sound to a bank of presets made by some very experienced users who get great sounds. 1) Clean jangley Vox AC 30 Beatles/Byrds sound 2) Clean Fender Steve Cropper sound for R&B, pop and possible country rock (Chet Atkins) 3) Overdriven Punk Marshall sound....The sound of thunder that emanated from the amps of Johnny Ramone 4) Overdriven Jeff Beck lead sound, Eric Clapton Disrali Gears sound, Jimmy Page,classic Hendrix sound, Pete Townsend power chord sound. 5) Overdriven...I'm not into Nu Metal...but I suppose a Mettalica sound (see, I can't even spell their name) 6) Semi Clean New Wave sound for the twitchy sounds from groups like the Cars, Gang Of Four 7) Clean Jazz sound...Wes, 8) U2 Edge sound For example the way the Vox tonelab is set up is good as far as presets....the problem there is most do not really sound like what they are called. Vandal can do better. Perhaps there could be a page for users to post their favorite presets. If anyone has any great presets they use and would like to share them with me and others it would be greatly appreciated....by me....and others. Thanks
  11. This is normal. The Freeze function will calculate any effct (also Vandal) into the resulting Freeze file and "switch off" all effects being used on that track in order to free ressources. Regards, Matthias Thanks for the helpful advice.....a few questions...is a freezed track as good as a bounced wave file. Does it always freeze in stereo because I am doubling tracks and I think it might be better to have mono tracks to work with. You have set my mind at ease as I recorded a mountain of tracks and I'm glad I can still use them.
  12. Hi I am having problems with my vadnal setup. It becomes active when I have the speaker icon on the track enabled. I hear the guitar coming through vandal. But when I record the track all I get is the regular guitar track. When I open vandal on that track and then freeze the unaffected guitar take then the "frozen" track is recorded with the Vandal amp sounds. But this doesn't seem correct. I've tried different monitoring settings and this seems to be the only way I can get it to work. I think "track FX monitor settings" is the one I use. Can someone please help me sort this out. Thanks!
  13. I'm just starting to get my head wrapped around Vandal. At first not overly impressed, but the more I use it the better I like it. I am probably doing something wrong though. I was able to hear the guitar and record on the track only when that icon on the track is selected (monitoring icon or speaker icon). I hear the guitar through vandal but when I record it and play it back it's the guitar, but not going through Vandal. So then I just use Vandal on the track of plain guitar and adjust the sound in Vandal. Then I freeze the track. That works...but I get a stereo bounce of the guitar through Vandal. It's actually kind of cool to be able to hear how it's going to sound, so you can have the right feel when playing, then when you play it back you can send it through vandal, see how it fits in the mix....adjust the sound in vandal and then freeze the track. But shouldn't I be recording directly out of vandal. Is it because I have the monitoring set up wrong so that when the icon is selected I hear vandal but it' output is not being recorded. Also is a frozen track just as good as a 32 bit wave file. What am I doing wrong? How should I have the monitoring set up to record right from Vandal....or is freezing tracks a good way to do it? Also can you set the tracks to freeze in mono? HELP THANKS
  14. Just got Vandal, I'm loving it. Just wondering if anyone has any links to tutorials on how to use Vandal to get the best sounds. I know it's pretty intuitive but before I start recording I like to know as much as I can about the gear. So far the presets sound pretty good without even tweaking. Mostly using the clean sounds. Haven't explored the over-driven lead sounds or the fuzzboxes much. Lots of people on youtube playing through it, but not explaining how they use it. And are presets available that are already tweaked for certain sounds? Thanks
  15. Greetings I just got Vandal and as I begin to experiment it with I wonder if anyone has compared the quality vandals bass amps VS the quality of bass sounds from the bass Pod XT. You would think that the Bass pod would be better since it is dedicated to bass. But you never know? with the advances of technology could Vandal's bass amps actually be Superior to the Bass Pod XT. I know I will do a test myself but having the opinions of experienced users who track bass guitar would be very helpful. Thanks for your info. Good question I think and I don't see a comparison of them on any forum anywhere.
  16. I'm confused. On the last post you said you should "Not" plug the guitar into the line input in the fireface 800 (the input in the front of the unit next to xlr input and the volume knob). That you should plug it into the back of the unit (that's what it says in the Vandal manual). So.....are you now saying that IF i use the Art Tube mike pre amp I should then plug that into the FRONT of fireface into the line input instead of the back. but when you are not using a pre-amp THEN you plug the guitar into the back...???? All of the inputs (1/4" and xlr) on the front of the FF go through preamps, the 1/4" jack is a guitar input, and it works great with vandal, so you can just plug into the front of the FF. The inputs on the back are line level and can be used with your preamp if you would rather use that. Read the FF manual... This is what Sascha said on another post:Many people tend to think that it's all about operation level, so a common misconception is the line input will do, since it can cope with the voltage a guitar pickup can deliver. But then you're missing something important: As we've pointed out in the Vandal manual, it's important to connect the guitar to a high-impedance input. Most guitar amps and stomp boxes have an impedance of 500k to 1MOhms. A typical guitar pickup has an impedance of 20..200kOhms. Rule of thumb in EE says the the input stage should always have 10 times the impedance of the connected device, at least. Otherwise you're loading the guitar too much, which leads to a muffled, undynamic sound. DI boxes can do the job as well, but be sure the one you go for has at least such a high impedance. Line inputs usually have 10k, so that's nowhere near sufficient. Active guitar electronics/pickups can help to some extent, although I doubt that one comes with an impedance of less than 2k. Devices of low-impedance output have to deliver more current (Ohm's law) which usually doesn't work out when with battery-driven. SO, you are saying that the front and the back of the FF are both line inputs (even though it says line inputs on the input on the front of the Fireface) but you are saying the line input in the front has a preamp so you do not need a DI box or use a mike pre because there already is a preamp. BUT, if you are going to use a preamp you need to use the LINE input in the back, which is a line input also, just without any preamp. Sascha just doesn't know which inputs are where on the Fireface 800. I was confused by the manual and other members gave me conflicting advice. Thanks.....also, if you know....Do you think the using Vandal for tracking bass would be better than the bass pod (which is older,but only made for bass). Shall I test it myself? Do you have an opinion? Thanks a lot for the helpful info. I think it's clarified unless anyone else has some conflicting info. But your suggestion makes perfect sense.
  17. I'm confused. On the last post you said you should "Not" plug the guitar into the line input in the fireface 800 (the input in the front of the unit next to xlr input and the volume knob). That you should plug it into the back of the unit (that's what it says in the Vandal manual). So.....are you now saying that IF i use the Art Tube mike pre amp I should then plug that into the FRONT of fireface into the line input instead of the back. but when you are not using a pre-amp THEN you plug the guitar into the back...????
  18. I put up a post about Vandal in the midi forum. Now that I'm in the right place..... I had a question about which input in the Fireface 800 to plug my guitar directly into to record using Vandal. Sascha recommended using a pre amp or DI box. He uses an Art Tube Mike Pre amp before plugging into the input. I was wondering, do you still use the input in the back instead of the line input in the front (near the XLR input). The manual says not to use the line input. So that's the case if your using a pre amp before going in to the computer (still plug the output of the pre amp into the back input on the Fireface). I happen to have an Art Tube Mike pre amp and am going to take Sascha's advice. Do I keep the gain button up or down (use gain or not) when I am using the pre amp. Also should I use the input or output level control on the mike pre or in the Fireface mixer to set the levels of the guitar input. I know I asked similar questions on the midi forum, but I thought I should move the question to the proper forum. I would like to see how many other Vandal users use this method, or do you plug directly into the audio interface input. Also would the Art Tube Mike pre color or change the sound of the guitar going in to vandal, or would it make it better or the same, or just more stable.
  19. Any Samplitude experts out there who use BFD2? That means not on a Mac (on a PC with XP) and not Pro Tools but Samplitude! I am looking for an engineer who is very experienced using the BFD2 drum program. It is also a big plus if you use Samplitude as that is the host program I will be using. I use XP on a PC and would be hiring you to help me install it and show me the basics at my home studio located in the East 80's in NYC.I'd be willing to pay up to $30 an hour and would do a three hour minimum. I want to use the BFD with the midi tracks from my Roland TD6 drum kit. Also check out the reviews of my last release (Sunrise Highway), they are super. Perhaps I can hire you for some mixing/tutoring as well. I know a fair amount about digital recording but am more of a writer/musician than a technical person. So I am looking for a technical person who can make learning the BFD2 process easier. I already know and have version 1 and have had problems with it all along. check out my music at http://songheads.com/ email me back or call Marc at 212 472 3315
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