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  1. 2. Is it possible to organize the master vst's and direct x plugins like to remove the ones i don't want shown in the list?? You can organize your VST's by going to the VST Plugins folder - Creating a Folder, say "UnUsed" or "Kontakt" and then placing the associated dll and ini files in that folder. If it doesn't work, just move them back. I don't know about DirectX - it might work there too Boydbob
  2. When I first registered, I subscribed to "Help, I can only post in Newcomer Forum" I unsubscribed some time ago, but I keep getting email notifications of responses. My Controls - Subscriptions - Forums & Topics - shows no subscriptions What do I do? Boyd
  3. I have been using Samplitude 2496 vs5.58 for years, mostly for editing. I use Cubase SX3 for recording mainly because of VST's and VSTi's of which I have many. I'm thinking of changing/upgrading. Cubase 4 has a lot of features, BUT, many of them do not yet work as advertised. Upgrade Cost is $199. I also want to be able to Edit and Master my audio files, so I've been playing with Wavelab Essential (kind of like SE). I can upgrade Wavelab Essential to Wavelab Studio 6 (pretty good but not PRO version) for $169 But if I crossgrade to Samplitude Classic instead, it will only cost $299 total versus $368 for the upgrades. So I'm asking - How well do VST instruments & plug-ins work in Samplitude Classic? How about DX type? I just downloaded the demo and hope it will answer much. Secondly - how is Samplitude Classic as a Mastering program? The demo won't help me much there because I don't yet know enough to tell. Third - If I crossgrade, do I really have to mail a manual page to Germany? or is there some way to verify SX more locally. Thanks for your patience. Boyd
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