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  1. Cool thanks. All very logical. New experience for me coming off hard disc recorders into computer land - I've been using roland vs1680. Yes, mp3 library. I've digitised my CD collection ;-) I'm going in to set up tomorrow so I'll probably have a few more questions after that. Thanks again, Rob
  2. Thanks guys. John I see where you are going. Good stuff!!! XP Presonus Fire Studio Got 2 HD's but one is my music library of 250GB. Maybe I should move that to my ext hard drive and config raid? Never configed raid before but I don't mind another learning curve. Is it necessary? I'll serch the forums for raid too. I'll sort it out so C: is just programs. Thanks again, Rob
  3. I'm recording a band live - no multi tracking, in my rehearsal studio using 11 channels. I'm playing in the band and will also watch the levels. Meaning, no engineer. Making sure I have a robust computer, presonus firestudio and Behringer ADA-8000, is it best to create one file and let it run throughout the session? Most tunes will be recorded in a single take. Or is it best to use a template and create a new file for each tune? Or does it matter? Also, it was suggested that I run my leads into my 16 channel Mackie desk to warm up the sound before it hits the presonus/digital gear. He suggested that I would find a "sweet spot" this way. Any comments on this concept? Thanks, Rob
  4. I wanted to post this in Hardware but I'm waiting to be giving permissions to post. As I'm approaching a recording date on Monday, I'll post here. I'm a school teacher and after giving the IT fellas the specs for a pretty hefty DAW rig to run Samplitude 10pro, they bought me an HP xw4400. View specs here I'm getting errors when recording and mixing. RECORDING This is what I'm doing when I'm recording educational material: Tutorial 1 - create a 32 bars of drum and bass in Reason and export as WAV. - import WAV (60MB) into samplitude track 1 - record me playing 32 bars on track 2 Tutorial 2 - reuse the 32 bars of drum and bass from track 1 by copy and paste - record me playing 32 bars on track 2 I'll repeat this process 5 or 6 times and in doing so I eventually start getting errors creeping into the recording. Mixing 16 tracks using a combination of AUX effects and individual track effects. IT reaches a point where the playback is stuttered and What is a reasonable amount of VST plugins to use before the system starts to vomit? I tried to use EQ on the mixer as much as possible to avoid using VST plugin presets. Is this the computer or me? Am I being unreasonable? - Hope it's me. Cheers, Rob
  5. Have a session on Monday and need to be able to post. Sent an email too... just trying to cover all bases. Do I need to give you some numbers or personal details? Cheers, Rob
  6. Got it Moon! Easy as... Thanks again, Rob
  7. I'm a school teacher mate without a budget. I'm responsible for making this CD and mixing and mastering I will accomplish with or with out your silly response. I'm coming over from hard disc recording and have excellent ears. I've been a professional jazz/classical musician for over 40 years. My mix sounds great but I just don't have the work flow right yet. I like this program but it sounds like I need to mix to 2 tracks and then put the whole lot in one new file in order to make the CD. Since I thought this was a newby forum and my deadline is coming on fast, I would finally ask a question. Thanks again Andy but the other dude can take a flying ...
  8. Cheers Andy. Thanks for your help - I'll get into those vids and manual. Yes, 24 songs from a 3hr concert. So each song is a sep VIP. We used 15 mics/inputs with lots of changes on stage. The mics were used by different instruments with large volume input changes. We decided the best option was to get each tune instead of risking a huge demand on the Core2Duo. Maybe my thinking is wrong but I am worried one long VIP will drain the system after 2 hours. Thanks, Rob hi rob, are these 24 files separate audio files or are they arranged together in one vip? usually you arrange all audio files in one vip. there you can define various tracks where you can place the audio files sorted by instruments or singers etc. then you can define your effects on track or on object or on master. also you can automate the volume and/or panning of your tracks. just click on Vol or Pan-button in the track-box. now a blue and/or yellow line appears where you can set automation points by mouseclick, or automate the volume with the mixer fader (note: automation in track must be enabled by clicking on the A-button => mixer). at least set the cd-track marker where your different cd-tracks start and dont forget to set the end-marker at the last objects end. now you should be able to burn a cd on the fly or bounce a file first and then burn... in general i suggest you read the samplitude included help. there is a Samplitude Quickstart where most of the beginners questions are answered, such as object and wave editing and cd mastering. if you want good video-tutorials just have a look here: Wizoobooks Samplitude Video Workshops cheers, andy
  9. My first post. Pretty cool place. I've got 24 seperate files (VIPs?) in ver 8 (with 9 engine) and am having trouble deciphering HOW to mix down, master and then burn a CD. I've got each song file with the right FX and tone I want. Since it was a school concert and some kids played on mic, off mic etc there is going to be quite a lot of volume adjusting to do while mixing. Can't seem to find an auto mix (I'm an old Roland VS1680 user) to memorise my fader adjustments whilst using the mixer window. I'd be very wrapped if someone could please point me to a tutorial/discussion link. Tried the homemade vid tutorials but couldn't find what I was looking for. I can't make heads nor tails of my manual. Also can I burn a CD from my 24 files or do I need to make one large file with track markers first? Thanks in advance, Rob
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