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  1. I would like to throw my $.02 and thank Eric as well for the fine articles on Samplitude in SOS, looking forward to seeing more! After reading his comments about the training that he offers, makes , me wish I lived nearby, because I would love to be able to take advantage of them. I, like many, wish there were some good instructional materail for Samp, especially some DVD type instruction where you can see/hear in real time. I would pay good money for DVDs on Mastering, Editing......
  2. When i open the Take Composer to comp some objects i have a problem. I use the scissor tool, which is nice, and I have the take i am wanting to cut out a part of below the take i want to add the part into and when i cut with the scissors the piece from the cut point to the end of the object magically moves to the track above. So now i have, for example, Take 121 in the upper track and have added a section of Take 130 into Take 121, so far so good. Now I want just a section of Take 130, not everything from the split to the end. Lets say there are 3 sections that i want in the final comped Take - Take 121, Take 130 and the last part of Take 121. I am finding it difficult to get the other section of Take 121 to show up. I had luck once by copying take 121 to another track in the Take Composer, and then brought it up underneath the partially comped track and used the scissors tool. It did not work when i tried it tonight. Surely I am missing something. Also, if I am out of the Take Composer and in the VIP window and say i want to do the same thing between Tracks, when i split the section out of the track with the 'T'/split command and move it up/down to the track i want to add it to, the track i want to add it to no longer shows up after the point I insert the piece from the other track. I used to use Vegas and I could split tracks and join tracks all day long and use the cross fade editor with no issues what so ever. I hope i am just missing something here, this really should be a very easy thing to accomplish (and probably is if you know how). Thanks.
  3. When I try moving an object on the time line a number, but not all, of the objects move with it. I highlight the object and when I try and move it most of the objects that are located in time with and after the object selected are then highlighted (as I begin to move the object, but not before) and all move together. I have toggled the group/ungroup button and nothing seems to work. This happens in several projects. This phenomenon did not happen in these projects at the first, but developed this grouping problem later in the editing/overdubbing process. Any ideas how to ungroup these objects? The tracks are not linked in the mixer either. Thanks.
  4. This could have to do with length filters (see take Manager for all the options) and could be a side effect of the same reasons already pointed at. (Takes go to one file, timestamps are messed up because the lenght was changed.) I must say that I wasn't yet able to fully reproduce your issue. Did you change the range during the playback was running, or in a pause? /s I do not believe I changed the Range on Playback or Pause, only before doing another round of Takes in Loop/Punch In recording. Since I have not had much time to go back into the Project it will be interesting to see how much "manual labor" it is going to take to get the several odd Takes shaped up. As long as I did not lose anything (which I do not believe I did), I am fine with that. I am planning on looking at the Take Manager tonight to check the length filters (was not even aware of this feature). Thanks
  5. Hey Sebastian, Thanks for the reply, I thought it had something to do with changing the Range length, won't be doing that again. Still curious why some takes show up with 3 takes showing, one lined up correctly and the others apparently shown as how they appear on the single .wav file they reside on. I will check and see if the 2 at the end are the same as the next subsequent take number (see if Take 120 really shows Take 120, 121 and 122). One thing I did do was insert a new track, hit the object and Shift key (to maintain the vertical orientation of the Object) and pulled it into the new Track, leaving the "slivers" in the original track. I then expanded the slivers to the correct length to show the appropriate Take. Thanks again.
  6. I have the "Record Take in a Separate File" checked in the advanced recording options already. Thanks.
  7. Having some scary stuff ahppening in Samp when I do Punch In/Loop recording. Here is what is happening: - doing muliple guitar solo takes over the same Range - I do a few takes, save and then I adjusted the Range for the Loop (shortened) - I do numerous additional takes and upon playback, using the Take Manager, I get the warning "New Take Is Shorter Than Object", click OK and the take usually comes up OK - at first - after doing more takes and using the Take Manager, some of the takes in that recording run come up blank (2-3 of the total takes) while the others (8-10 of the total takes) come up OK - when examining the takes that do not appear to show up (some of these takes are early ones that were a second or two longer due to the Range being shortened, but not all) if I extend the take out the wave form is still there. In fact these takes appear to be slivers, that when extended out have the appropriate wave form/object. - another phenomenon that happens sometimes, is some takes show up showing 3 takes in succession in the same wave form/object, the first lines up correctly, time wise, but the other 1 or 2 takes after this take are out of time (obviously). Seems that these takes have not correctly identified for the individual takes and for some reason end up showing multiple takes. I believe the takes are all on one wave form and the VIP tells it which part of the wave form to use for each individual take. It seems that this happens on the same takes and does not move randomly around to different takes, at least as far as I can tell. - Sometimes there is a discrepancy in the take numbering in the Take Manger. For example, it will show takes 50-58 in succession and then skip to 61-75. This may be related to the previous problem, but some takes that show up in succession (125, 126, 127) may have the 3 wave forms/obects/takes per take showing up. - Then there is the thing that happens after one of the takes plays, there is this terrible pink/white noise that comes out of nowhere, that would certainly blow your speakers if thery were turned up very loud (very loud in the headphones). If I hit the stop button it stops, for the most part, but I may have to hit it several times. This noise is not just on the take track, it effects the entire project. - after closing out of Samp and restarting it and opening the same project I get the dreaded " Object Entry Behind Physical Sample" warning. I posted about this problem a week ago, but at that time I was still using Samp 7 and 9 with out the updates (don't ask). I had hoped after installing the updates that would be the last I saw of that warning since I lost several projects last time. Fortunately this time it seems to be just one take that was lost and the rest of the project shows up. Any suggestions on saving what I have so that if this project or Samplitude becomes unstable I do not lose everything? I am guessing I could save everything in my Project's VIP folder with a different name: Song - 'A' . I have all my VIPs and audio files on a 2nd SATA hard drive from my OS and saved in a Song/Project folder with 2 subfolders, one for audio and one for VIPs. To say this is distressing is an understatement. I am sure some of this is user/newbie error, but I wonder if it all is something I have done, especially the loud pink/white noise and OEBPS error. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Yes, I guess I wasn't clear, I found the button to ungroup the tracks, not sure about the object menu though (where it is located, I can get to the Object Editor). Trying to get a demo done fast and also trying to learn enough about Samplitude to get that done. After the demo, I will have more time to investigate Samplitude. thanks.
  9. Yep, the objects were grouped, as I had suspected, but I had not grouped them and could not figure out how to ungroup them. Obviously and easy solution when you know how. Must say there is a lot to learn on how to get your way around Samplitude, but I sure do like the way it works and sounds. Thanks for the help.
  10. Just getting back into Samp and for some reason when I click on an object (track) all the other objects/tracks are selected as well. What do I need to enable/disable so that I can select one track and edit it? Thanks. Tim T
  11. Hardware is Lynx II-C. What apparently happened was when I made a template and copied it into different folders for different songs we are going to record (trying to get a little ahead of the game) the inputs did not make it into the new files. Probably user error, but I had assigned the different tracks with different inputs in the template, but something happened when I did a Save As or I inadvertantly did an undo in the template and it undid the input assignments. Either way I went back and every track on every song was assigned only to 2 different inputs. I reassigned the tracks to what I thought they had been when I did the Save As and all is right with the world now (that is unless I get another OEBPS error again). Thanks for the help. Tim T
  12. I am having trouble getting more than 2 tracts armed to record at the same time, I need all my tracks to be able to be armed at the same time. I am sure there is a setting I have set incorrectly, but I can't figure out what it is, any ideas? Thanks.
  13. It's been awhile since I have used Samplitude. Have Samp 7.0 installed and just upgraded to Samp 9.0. Just got finished recording some tracks for our bands demo and after closing out Samp 7.0 and 9.0, reopened 7.0 later (which is where they tracks were recorded) and on almost every song we recorded I get the following message when the project opens up: "Object entry behind physical sample Object: Take 9 (varies) Track: 1 varies) VIP Position: 0 File: (lists path to .wav file)" This message reappears for most of the tracks in the project, but not all of them. The message gives the option in 7.0 to either "Continue" or "Cancel". In 9.0 I also have an option to "Load All". I have tried to open the projects in both versions and have tried all the offered options, bottom line is most of my waveforms do not show up. Have I lost them? Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the tip, but after loading the Flash Player from Adobe the Samplitude site still does not come up correctly (I have rebooted my computer a couple of times to make sure everything installed correctly for the Flash Player). Any other ideas?
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