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  1. Thanks, I'm getting curious about this program....
  2. Hi I do sound design and mixing for advertising/TV series/ and wish to do movie post. I work in a studio wich is equiped with big Pro Tools HD rigs. I've heard a lot about Nuendo's capabilities for post work but before comitting to it I thought I'd look around a bit more and got interested in Sequoia. Sequoia, juging from it's price seems like a serious tool. Users seem to be very satisfied with it although a good part of them use it, for editing and mastering classical music or for producing and mixing music. From what I read, I would say that the area in wich Sequoia/Samplitude appears to exel the most, is in it's editing capabilities. Taking this into consideration, I can't help wonder why it isn't used for post production as much as other DAW softwares. Post production is all about editing. Editing dialog, editing music, editing sound effects etc... Why are so many people turning to Nuendo for post and not Sequoia/Samplitude. I watched a Sequoia video tutorial about object mixing and was pleased with what I saw. I then thought to myself, there most be an aspect of Sequoia witch turns off post production people. In an effort to find it I have prepared a short list of things Pro Tools does witch are specific to post and go beon the typical cut and paste routines. The folling Pro Tools fontions items are just a fiew that are used everyday in our work at the studio and have become totally essential in my work flow. Here goes: -Automatic and constant frame accurate read out of any selections legnth. With possibility of nudging the front and the end of that selection. -Export (mix) to video. Any selection regardless of the actual movie's length -Two levels (or more) of level automation (Volume and Volume trim or whatever) -Inserted effects can be dragged and dropped or reordered in any witch way possible. -Snap a sound files start, end, or user defined sync point to cursor position in one move (click or key). -Pro Tools constantly shows a list of all audio files attached to your project. This list can be reordered according to many parameters like Name, Date of creation (incresing or decresing) file size whatever and also has a search option for finding a particular file. Is there an equivalent in Sequoia? -All recorded audio hold a given project time stamp, and remembers in a sample accurate and permanent way, it's exact original position. -Stretch an audio file's front or tail, or any selection blank or not and the video scrolls istantly to follow mouse movement. The list goes on and on..... Can Sequoia do all of this? Thanks for any response
  3. Hi I work in a high end post prod commercial studio. We use pro tools. I've been lurking arond though for alternatives and found, for instance Nuendo, now in its fourth edition, wich seem to be catching on in big business post. More and more feature movies have been edited and mixed with Nuendo. Now, Sequoia comes along with a price tag 1000$ higher than Nuendo. I say to myself: wow! this program must be awsome. But, as I read info on the product site, there doesn't seem to be arguments there to support Sequoia's superiority over Nuendo (at least price tag wise). I am really curious though. Here are some thoughts that go through my head about sequoia - What is Sequoia's target market? Film post, music mix, what is it optimised for? - If Sequoia so expensive, why then does it share it's its web site in a semi confusing way with samplitude as if both of them had not enough standing to have a web site of there own? Cubase and Nuendo are both made by the same company. Both, though, have very distinct uses and crowds, Cubase is for musicians, Nuendo is for Post Production. Sequoia and Samplitude seem to have the same use. - I read on the site Sequoia is proud to announce that it now supports quad core processors. I mean wow! Sonar costs 500$ and support eight cores and is already 64bit compatible. Hello??? - Is there a list of productions made with Sequoia, I mean professionals that have trusted Sequoia on real world productions and have achievd success? - How come sequoia is so unknowned and at the same time so expensive? Shouldn't it be the contrary? - A part of me says maybe this program is the best out there cause it is so expensive and, you never know, maybe these people have hired a genius programmer and all. But at the same time, there is an '' out of the blue'' fealing that emanates from sequoya. - The name Magix. I'll be honnest with you, we have an immage problem here. I once bought a video editing program from Magix. It was a cheapo consumer product. Magix. It sounds too magical. There isn't anyting ''magix'' about taking the decision to buy a 3000$ program and putting all you hopes into it for being the center block of your studio. - I am afraid that if I buy this product, there will come a time where I will nead a certain fonction (like frame rate pull down or whatever) and it won't be there and I'll be f!"%d.
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