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  1. Aha! Change to overdub mode in the transport! I overlooked that. Thanks for all your great videos Kraznet, they are very helpful!
  2. I've read a few mentions on the forum here about a midi loop recording mode. How do you enter and use this mode? I didn't find it while searching the manual. What I am hoping to do with a "midi loop recording mode" is to be able to record layers of midi notes within a single track to make a drum rhythm over 1 or more measures, as is typically done when using a drum machine. Thanks!
  3. When controls are grouped in sonar, you can choose from various colors. The color appears only as a small dot on the control though. It is not always obvious. Thanks for the info about track fx presets. Transferring mixer setups, is that done through the "mixer setup" dialog (SETUP button on the mixer)? What I was writing about concerning track templates in sonar is very helpful in this example: I'm recording in a project and the time comes to record the drumset which needs 10 tracks. In sonar I have a template that I can insert in the current project which automatically inserts a folder with the 10 tracks, with names, fx, routings, and a submix bus. This can be done with 3 keystrokes. (As far as I understand, in samp I must open another VIP that I have created the "template" in, select the tracks, copy and paste them into my new project, and put them into a folder again (the folder doesn't transfer across), make a bus, and route the new tracks to that bus.) To clarify about sonar's track lanes, that means that there are tracks within a track, all under the same track controls. Thanks for reading these and your replies!
  4. I'm a sonar user, helping a DAW newbie friend with samp. I also find various things that are better in one than the other and vice versa. In addition to the above points mentioned, so far I think these functions in sonar are easier to use: Exporting and bouncing. Sonar's options menu for including or excluding various levels of processing and automation is great. Track templates. So easy and fast. I know samp has the work around of opening a second project with the tracks set up already and copying those to the current working project. Unfortunately when copied across, if any tracks are within a folder, they don't come across as inside the folder anymore. ** Track lanes. I find this very helpful when doing multiple takes and comping. ** Copying (cloning) a track with the option not to copy the audio. (minor issue of course). * Easy object (clip) automation drawing in which the curve always defaults to zero change. (I think I read this may be improved in samp soon?). Sonar's manual/help tells you where the command is in the menu system so you can invoke it. Samplitude's often does not! Of course, I also have a list of things I like better in samp. PS Sonar is stable for me. On my system, only strange plugins make it crash.
  5. the way I do it, which isn't too inconvenient is: before invoking RA, I make sure there is a little bit of empty space before my objects. I assume this is necessary to give the RA adjusted track some room to be shifted. I use Insert Silence at 0 if necessary and insert a few seconds. next I make sure I have at least one object that starts exactly at the same time as my click/drum machine track. (If I don't, I would make a copy of the drum machine track). I have this track at track 2 (drum machine is track 1). This track will later be used to line up all the other tracks with the RA adjusted one. Do the RA process. (may also be helpful to first shorten the object so that it ends right before beat 1 of a measure). The object moves. select all objects with ctrl-A. Unselect track 1's object, the RA adjusted object. Make sure snap to is on "objects". Grab track 2 and slide it towards track 1 (RA'd track) and the entire project moves along with it (as long as nothing is movement locked).
  6. Hi Frank, thanks for the reply. yes all audio tracks are in sync together. Maybe I can describe the situation better. (I do not need to do any quanitzation or time stretching). Starting with a new project, I have imported audio tracks (.wav) that were recorded outside of samplitude (Alesis HD24). One of these tracks is a click track from a drum machine. My goal is to sync the VIP tempo to my recorded drum machine track (an object). As a result, the VIP tempo will also be in sync with the audio (the audio is in sync with the drum machine). I was successful with Remix Agent to sync the VIP tempo to the drum machine track (using the adapt tempo parameters as mentioned above). I can see, after I click "apply" on remix agent, that the drum machine's object slides a small amount. This automatic sliding is one of the things necessary for the object and VIP tempo to be in sync and aligned. The problem is that only the drum machine object slides. My other audio tracks remain in their original position. Therefor, samplitude's internal click and the drum machine (which sound correct together) are unaligned with my audio (though still in sync, just shifted or offset). I found a fairly painless way to manually shift my audio objects exactly the same amount as the drum machine's object was shifted (using snap to: "object"), but it seems that this should happen automatically. I tried grouping all the objects together before applying remix agent, but this did not work. Thanks again!
  7. I want to set the arrangement (project) tempo to the tempo of a prerecorded song I loaded in, which includes a click track. Using remix agent and the adapt tempo option, I have succesfully applied my click track (object) tempo to the arrangement tempo using adapt tempo map and bar positions. I found I needed to place my click track as track 1 in order for remix agent to choose it to analyze. Samplitude's internal click synchronizises correctly with my original click throughout the song. The problem is that my other audio tracks are no longer aligned with the click. I notice that after I apply the adapt tempo, my click track object slides position but my other tracks' objects do not, thereby creating the unalignment. If I manually select my other tracks' objects and slide them the same amount as the click track then all is aligned and in synch. What do I need to do so that I do not have to manually slide all the other tracks? Thanks very much! Eric
  8. Any samp users in Phoenix, AZ who would be willing to give a few lessons? (for $ and/or studio time perhaps). I helped my friend to setup his DAW and we went with samp v10 (even though I'm a sonar user). We've figured out a good bit already, but I think we must not be grasping some parts of the workflow and how to be most efficient in various ways. Although I'm very familiar with sonar and DAW concepts, I find the samp manual difficult to grasp at times. Thanks!
  9. As noted by user zdogg: http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...st&p=117797 "...The expanding stretching time line when your mouse goes there by mistake (yeah, I know can be switched off, another thing to DO-o!!" how can one turn this off? Thanks!
  10. thanks very much guys, I'll try out these methods!
  11. Hi, coming from a sonar user perspective, I want to be able to "offset" track automation, for ex: I have created volume automation on a track, and now the volume fader is completely under control of the automation as expected. I want to change the overall volume of the entire track with the fader, without needing to adjust the entire automation curve, but of course the automation won't allow me. Is there an option to allow this? In sonar it is called "offset mode". Thanks very much, Eric
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