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  1. OK, I tried the AM suite demo plugs in a project and was able to close out gracefully. In my problem projects, I have one instance of Variverb in use on an aux track. I really like Variverb and I will own it eventually, either in Samp Pro or as a plug in purchase. Thanks for any help. Dave
  2. If I try using the Variverb demo that came with Samplitude SE9 in a mix project, Samplitude locks up when closing the vip. Also, once I load Variverb on an Aux bus in a project, I cannot remove the plugin ...again I get 'Program is not responding' and have to wait for it to die. I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit version and Samplitude works fine if I use other vst plug ins (Waves, freeware etc.) I will try a dummy project tonight with one of the AM suite demo plug ins to see if I get an error with that one as well. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  3. Thanks for the replys. To me, it seems that if Magix is "giving the program away" they should have this available for purchase/upgrade on their site. I'll try to get hold of a Computer Music Magazine somehow.
  4. I am using V9 SE and noticed one or two nice additons to V10Se. I would like to know when V10se will be available and what the cost would be for V9Se users. Also, will there be an 11se version? Thanks, Dave
  5. What is the difference between these? (Music Maker 15 Premium and Samplitude Studio 15) Seems like the feature lists are almost identical...price is even close. Is this the end of the Samplitude Studio line? dj
  6. Thanks for the replys, I think I am going to Version 10 Standard. I know I would not be happy having to jump between apps when I want to make a disc. Dave
  7. I have Samlitude 7.23 Pro and am looking to move up to a more current version. I would like to be able to run the program on my Vista Laptop for location recording as well as have it installed on my in-house XP Pro box. Here are the choices/prices: 10 Pro $600 US. 10 Classic $300 US. 9 Pro $450 US. 9SE $75 Can these versions all be loaded on more than one computer? I have read about "dongles", but can't remember if all of these versions have one. Of course, any money saved will be nice. I am even considering version 9SE for tracking/mixing and then loading into 7.23 to do final mastering/CD creation. TIA, Dave
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